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Funny / Viridian Saga

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  • Any time Bree is playing it cool and Andi snarks about how awkward it is.
  • Vik's superstitious Hindu beliefs. His respectfulness about his parents can be kind of funny.
  • All the time Andi mocks Scarlett Epistola for her clothing.
  • "He looked at me the way you’d look at a poodle that suddenly started reciting Hamlet." Yes, Andi, this is because you know just how to stare down a god from outer space. You go, niña!
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  • Scarlett can be darkly hilarious.
    Scarlett: He would not have cast aside his plans of world destruction for you to leave you immediately aside. Not even you, made as you are for single use, like a Kleenex!
  • Neil's commentary of Andi and Riley saving the world with The Power of Love.

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