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Tear Jerker / 7 Seeds

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A manga that revolves around a group of young people awoken After the End is just bound to have sad moments

  • The death of Fubuki and Mitsuru right after.
  • The flashback arc about Team Summer A and how its members were chosen.
    • The death of Mayu and Hyo, who are half crushed and buried from the mineshaft's cave-in, yet Mayu still signals morse code to Koruri to cheer her up. Mayu dies just before Koruri reaches her and Hyo leaves Koruri with her final message
    • Gengoro having to Mercy Kill the tiger Tango as well as many, many other animals he previously cared for.
  • The entire Ryugu Shelter arc, read in Mark's Apocalyptic Log.
    • The looks and reactions of people when they go up the observatory elevator to see the world after several of the meteorites have impacted.
    • Miho's Heroic Sacrifice.
    • The later deaths of people suffering from Arcia X, especially the children.
    • Takashi throwing himself and one of the likely-suffering from Arcia X ministers into the sacrificial fan.
    • The final chapter And Then There Were None.
      • To elaborate, only 57 people remain alive in the shelter, all of them suffering from varying stages of Arcia X. Maria realizes that she is the hidden carrier and has doomed the entire shelter. She decides to lock herself and all the survivors except for Mark and Saruwatari into a freezer, to prevent it from spreading and living on. Saruwatari makes sure the freezer keeps getting cooled and then takes the cyanide pill to kill himself. Mark remains as the last one, says farewell to Pete and begins to write his final entry... only for him to lose control over his hand. Arcia X is trying to keep him from committing suicide, so he "switches" with Pete so he can kill himself...
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  • The deaths of the older dogs, including Fubuki and Mitsuru and their Heroic Sacrifice.

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