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Nightmare Fuel / 7 Seeds

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  • How majority of the team members were picked for the project. Not one of them was told before hand, they went about their lives as normal, eating, going to their rooms or just sleeping... and they wake up in an unknown territory, surrounded by people they don't know and have no clue what's going on.
  • The way the world ended. A few natural disasters, but then suddenly a shower of meteorites hits the earth... you lose your home, your entire society breaks down and you might even see your loved ones or pets die in front of you. And even if you managed to survive those impacts, an Ice Age begins...
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  • The idea that Yanagi-san was used as a breeding ground for insect eggs...
  • The Acari X infection of the Ryugu Shelter. It spreads through contact with the infected host, and it doesn't even have to be close contact. And the idea that these parasitoids are practically invincible, since they feed off of their host as long as possible and extremely low temperatures doesn't kill them, they simply hibernate.
  • The giant grinder macerating humans for resources, soylent green vibes.

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