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  • The majority of the Summer A candidates. Ango reveals to several of them that the Final Test is upon them and that there will be no help from the teachers, they all need to survive on their own, not just in order to be chosen into the Team, but also for their own sake.
    You'd Expect: These candidates, who were all particularly raised to be ready for survival and to take care of themselves, to do just that and take Ango's words for it.
    Instead: They all think that the teachers couldn't possibly be serious with the not-helping and either do nothing, thinking that help will eventually arrive, or go take stupid risks because, after all, it's not like the test could be dangerous or deadly.
    The Result: A good chunk of candidates die in groups because of not taking this seriously or for taking stupid risks.

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  • The institute teaching Summer A knew Unami is one of the most openly sadistic teachers, verbally and physically abusive to candidates, especially harassing the female candidates, to the point said candidates made and attempted to carry out death-threats against him.
    You'd Expect: The teachers would choose someone else to be the team leader, preferably somebody the candidates wouldn't try to kill on sight, and who wouldn't arrogantly provoke them to try the moment they woke up.
    Instead: Unami is chosen to be the leader and put into cryo-stasis, shortly after one of the candidates he abused lashed out at him.
    The Result: Look at Unami's entry below.

  • Unami is one of the more openly sadistic teachers in the institute for the Summer A candidates and is repeatedly shown to always be abrasive, downright rude and is verbally and physically abusive to the various candidates, as well as being sexually harassing towards the girls, in particular to Ayu and especially Koruri. He's eventually chosen to be Summer A's guide in the future.
    You'd Expect: Unami to at least attempt to be a bit nicer to these kids, as they have clearly been severely emotionally affected by the Final Test.
    Especially: Given that Koruri tried to kill Unami during the Final Test and swore to kill him just before she was sent to be frozen, he would take particular care with her.
    Instead: He bursts into the room where Team Summer A have just awoken in the future, shocking them all that he's actually still alive, and begins to shout commands at them. And Summer A has guns, which they are perfectly willing to use.
    The Result: They shoot him non-fatally several times and leave him to die alone.

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  • Shortly after the above event, Hana is planning on leaving the settlement the next morning/that very night to get away from Ango. Shortly before she can leave, Ryo makes her go look for a potential water source and, when she's at his mercy while climbing down a cliff, tries to kill her by cutting the rope suspending her.
    You'd Expect: Ryo to just ignore her, since Hana was gonna leave in a few hours, anyway, and he knew this.
    Instead: He starts making her feel uncomfortable by talking about the horrible things her father did to them, makes her climb down a dangerous cliff and gives a short explanation on why he needs her out of the way: her presence angers Ango.
    The Result: He cuts the rope and Hana falls. She fortunately managed to save herself before the rope was cut, but it ends with Hana, shortly after, falling into a raging river and being sucked into a whirlpool and presumed to be dead. And Ryo is then exiled from the settlement, along with Ango.

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  • A flashback of Arashi's tells us how Hana had gotten in trouble with a group of students once, who were abusing their supposed club activities to take and/or sell drugs and that she had collected a lot of evidence of this, ready to present it to the authorities if they didn't knock it off.
    You'd Expect: Hana to stay the hell away from those guys and go to the authorities, the principal and police, as soon as possible, with other people around her in case of needing protection. Not go and meet those guys, on her own, behind the school to talk things out.
    Instead: She meets them, on her own, behind the school to talk things out.
    The Result: Hana almost gets gang-raped, but Arashi charges in to rescue her, almost kills one of the guys and gets into major trouble with school, including getting his potential participation in a swimming competition revoked. He only didn't get into any actual trouble because Hana's father used his influence to be in charge of Arashi's punishment and then gave him none.

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