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Heartwarming / 7 Seeds

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Despite it being a story about people living After the End, it can still have some heartwarming moments, although many also go into the Tear Jerker territory.

  • The "three clowns of the Wind Class" telling Koruri that she is their Madonna and not the beautiful Ayu.
    • The same guys pushing Koruri into the opening of the scoop wheel, to save her life.
  • Natsu finally gives Arashi the letter Hana wrote, proving that she is alive and part of the project. It not only makes Arashi gain new hope, but it also causes Natsu to feel happy and recall the warmth of embracing her cat.
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  • Hana's reunion with Chisa and Fujiko, her two close friends who had been missing for several volumes.
  • Ayu and the puppies sleeping close to Aramaki after Fubuki and Mitsuru-san die.
  • Semimaru's memory and eventual hallucination of his mother making cream stew for him. A rare occurence, which made it all the more special.
  • Natsu saying goodbye to her family and Nuts in her hallucination, thanking them for raising her.
    • Same chapter, Semimaru talking with his mother, asking if the man he's met in the past was his father and whether Semimaru was born because his mother and father loved each other and not just a customer.

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