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  • Why the heck did anyone think teaming up people, who are supposed to either repopulate humanity, or pave the way for others do so, should be put in teams, purely by what their name's alternate kanji spelling means? No account for their history, personality, skill-sets, or preexisting relationships. We're told the teams were chosen by a computer AI, but one has to really wonder who programmed the criteria for said AI, and why nobody questions the results!

  • How come the Seeds were all released at different times? We have Team Winter be released 15 years before Team Spring and Team Summer B. Team Autumn is released 3 years before them. Team Summer A seems to have been the last to be awakened. Why were they all released at different times? Wouldn't it have made more sense if Team Summer A had been awoken first considering they were also set to sleep almost 20 years before everyone else so they can build up a sturdy home and lead the other Teams?
    • It could be that they wanted to account for possible conditions even if the environment itself was liveable. It would do their project no good to toss them all into the same environment and have them be killed off all at once. By deliberately staggering the times when the other teams are sent out into the world, they can increase the possibility of more of them surviving. The older ones that survived longer can teach the newest ones, the newer ones coming in provide hope and more manpower to the older ones, and those that survive in general have shown they're able to survive what the new weather and environmental conditions can throw at them.

  • If the cryogenic machines were set to release everyone when earth became "inhabitable" again, why did they get awoken at a time when, according to Aramaki, the climate hadn't stabilized itself yet?
    • It could be that the climate for the machines wasn't as important a factor as the availability of a breathable atmosphere and non toxic or otherwise tainted water. People are presumably able to adapt to changes in temperature and moisture in an area, even if it can take some adjusting. But they'd hardly be able to do anything if the air, water, or even soil proved toxic.

  • In order to prevent Mandatory Motherhood, the teams either enforce or decide on their own to not have sex to avoid getting pregnant while things are still dangerous and uncertain for them, due to lack of contraceptives. Well, why don't they do what was done in earlier ages in terms of contraceptives: Use animal intenstines as makeshift-condoms.
    • Three obvious reasons come to mind. A.) None of the people involved have the requisite knowledge, and even if they did Eww. B.) Animal intestines are far, far less dependable than modern condoms, or their earlier synthesized rubber counter-parts. C.) Medical technology is basically non-existent. Nobody should want to contract some bizarre disease (syphilis came from sheep, and AIDS from monkeys, supposedly), just for the chance to have a quick fling.

  • How come the project 7 Seeds only involved a total of 40 people? In the event that everyone makes it to the future alright, it will still lead to inbreeding down the line, due to them only being a severely limited number of humans to reproduce. The fact that Team Winter only has one surviving member already limits the potential for off-spring by a good chunk. Why did they not add in more people? Was it a monetary issue? Who cares, money will be non-existent and worthless in the future, anyway!
    • The Ocean/Mountain arc reveals that Sado was an underground shelter and is filled with hundreds of other people in cryo-stasis, and just as many fertilized eggs. Appropriately named Noah's Arc, they are planned to be awakened and join the originally-40 members of the 7 Seeds Project to repopulate the world.

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