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Tear Jerker / Marilyn Manson

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That's right. Even this scary shock rock band that had Moral Guardians up in arms during The '90s can do tearjerkers. In fact, about one-fourth of them can qualify.

  • "The Speed Of Pain".
  • "Coma White" ("A pill to make you numb\ A pill to make you dumb\ A pill to make you anybody else\ All the drugs in this world\ Won't save her from herself."). Or 'Putting Holes In Happiness'. YMMV at the latter.
  • “Mechanical Animals” has a hopeless feeling to it; the singer calls himself a “hand grenade that never stopped exploding” and the girl automatic and hollow. It’s mostly YMMV, but it seems to be about a relationship between a man who’s angry and passionate and a woman who is empty and emotionless and mechanical. The lyrics go, “I’m never gonna be the one for you. I’m never gonna save the world for you.” It feels almost like an abusive, loveless relationship that both are stuck in and neither will benefit from.
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  • "Last Day on Earth"
    "I know it's the Last Day on Earth
    We'll be together while the planet dies
    I know it's the last day on Earth
    We'll never say goodbye."
  • "Count to Six and Die" is even more of a tearjerker when you realize the "counting to six" and the five clicking sounds at the end really mean... a revolver with five empty chambers.
    "She's got her eyes open wide
    she's got the dirt and spit of the world
    her mouth on the metal
    the lips of a scared little girl...
    "She's got her Christian prescriptures
    and death has crawled in her ear
    like elevator music of songs
    that she shouldn't hear...
    "and it spins around 1...2...3
    and we all lay down 4...5...6
    some do it fast
    some do it better in smaller amounts..."
  • "Man That You Fear" was written after Manson went to a family wedding and nobody wanted to speak to him. The music video is even worse, where Manson is a villager chosen at random, is taken out to the middle of a field by the other villagers, and stoned to death. The final image is of Manson exposing his torso for them.
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  • "In the Shadow of the Valley of Death" (the song, not the album) is extremely bleak and tear-inducing.
  • The video for "No Reflection." Manson plays a father who is forced to kill his family after they're possessed by demons.
  • "Running To The Edge Of The World"
  • "Minute Of Decay." The song has a very dead and hopeless feeling to it and can bring some to tears.
  • "Devour". It's basically about The Corrupter... who can't stop himself, no matter how hard he tries, and is desperately trying to warn his lover away.
    "You're the one that I can never take
    But I can't sleep until I devour you..."
  • Most of Marilyn Manson's life. He's been molested, assaulted by the cops, Mis-blamed for so many things, had his heart broken repeatedly, has a fandom that has a segment turn on him almost every album (to the point that he had to Cease and Desist the biggest fanforum because it turned into 100% death threats), and more.


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