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Marilyn Manson has surely made some of the best music since the '90s.

  • Smells Like Children, a remix album of Portrait of an American Family, is either a mess or a fascinating sonic collage depending on who you talk to, but the cover of "Sweet Dreams" is sleazy, indispensable awesome.
  • Basically Antichrist Superstar as a whole is Marilyn Manson's magnum opus.
    • "Irresponsible Hate Anthem", for as over-the-top offensive as it is, is possibly the best album opener in Manson's catalog.
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    • "The Beautiful People" is a Signature Song for Manson with a blazing, catchy riff.
    • The title track marks the point in Antichrist Superstar's concept where the protagonist finally goes off the deep end and becomes a villain. It's one of the heaviest songs in Manson's repertoire, complete with a crowd favorite "HEY" chant and a big fat Epic Riff. Still a concert staple.
  • Mechanical Animals has a big fandom itself thanks to its glam rock leanings.
    • "Rock Is Dead" a Glam Rock stomper turned up to 11 and a longtime live favorite of Manson's.
    • "The Last Day On Earth" and "Coma White", which end Mechanical Animals. Both power ballads, both incredibly bleak in their own way, both beautiful songs.
    • There's also surprisingly funky "I Don't Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me)", which is ridiculously catchy and features a guitar solo from Dave Navarro, of all people.
    • "Posthuman", one of his lesser known songs, is an incredibly catchy, disco-esque glam rock song.
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  • Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death) has classics "Disposable Teens", "The Fight Song", and the particularly cutting "The Nobodies."
  • From The Golden Age Of Grotesque: "This Is The New Shit" is basically Deadpan Snarker: The Song, and the stuttering guitars make it even better.
  • From The High End Of Low, "Four Rusted Horses" (used in the trailer for F.3.A.R). Absolutely damning.
    You can't take this from me/Forbidden in Heaven and useless in Hell
  • Their cover of "This is Halloween" is almost as good as the original song, in its own way.
  • For movie soundtracks, if you watched the Resident Evil movies before, "Resident Evil Main Theme" and "Seizure of Power" are their two must-know works for you, they captured the atmosphere of Umbrella Corporation and zombie apocalypse.
  • 2015's The Pale Emperor is their best reviewed record in many years, and probably their most rocking album in even longer. From a little bit before the album came out, Emigrate did a song with only Manson on vocals (Richard Kruspe, frontman of Emigrate and guitarist of Rammstein, apparently pretty much forced him, despite Manson claiming Richard's vocals sounded better) called "Hypothetical". It's awesome.
    • The album starts with a great one: "Killing Strangers". The beat is one to swagger coolly away from an explosion to, and it's a lyrical Badass Boast on top! In fact, the track was so badass, the producers of John Wick saw fit to include it in the film.
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    • Warship My Wreck, a perfect soundtrack type song, was included in the soundtrack to Dark Nights: Death Metal.
  • We Know Where You Fucking Live is an angry, rage-fueled industrial rock song.
  • His cover of David Bowie's Cat People is even more haunting than the original.
  • Cry Little Sister, originally used in The New Mutants(but later got cut) and the trailer to Titans (2018) is a industrial cover that's even better than the orignal.

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