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Marilyn Manson is a Time Lord
Yes, it's time for the most overdone WMG, but it makes a little sense. The first incarnation was him up through Smells Like Children. The second is The Worm. The third is Omega. The fourth is his pope/reverend persona throughout Holy Wood (during which he was much more actively preaching his views and arguing them. The fifth is his Golden Age of Grotesque persona, more obsessed with classic films and nice suits. The sixth is the short-lived, albumless Celebritarian era, followed by a regeneration into Eat Me, Drink Me Manson, with more traditionally gothic attire, more pronounced references to Lewis Carroll, and more trust and love, which was mistakenly put into Evan. Then, he regenerated into The High End of Low Manson, who was a more depressed incarnation, and the first one to not only be not anorexic, but an active over-eater. Then, he regenerated into Born Villain Manson.
  • The cause of the regenerations? In order, drugs, drugs, antidepressant OD alongside absinthe, Despair Event Horizon over Twiggy leaving causing a willing regeneration, another one to try to move on after Dita, suicide, drugs.

The cover of You're So Vain is addressed to Trent Reznor.

The lyrics, although written for another person entirely, are oddly fitting with his past mentor-y friendship with Trent. For the uninformed, Trent "discovered" Manson, mentored him, co-produced his first albums, got Manson extremely drug addicted, got Daisy Berkowitz kicked out of the band, stole the Lost Highway soundtrack deal from him and stopped being friendly over this. Then, Manson was in the Starfuckers, Inc music video, before they apparently had another falling out, with Trent insulting Manson in interviews even in 2011 (saying that "[he] wears suits now" and basically telling Manson to grow up). The two were a duo, and considering the two, there may have been sexual activity involved. Manson and Trent started being close 20 years before the You're So Vain cover came out (which is actually after Johnny Depp and Manson became friends), which would fit the "several years ago" and "young and naive". Plus, unlike some covers, where The Cover Changes the Gender, Manson left it addressed to a man. What man has been more important in Manson's life before being thrown to the side by him? Trent Reznor.What makes this particularly interesting? The aforementioned starfuckers uses the chorus to which song as its bridge? Yep, You're so Vain


Holy Wood, Mechanical Animals, and Antichrist Superstar are more related than they seem.
Manson confirmed that they tell a story in reverse order, but this has been taken with a grain of salt by most. There's evidence for it though:
  • Coma White is the mother of The Worm and the pregnant girl mentioned in "Valentine's Day"
  • Adam is the father, but he commits suicide at the end of Holy Wood after the failure of his revolution ("Count to Six and Die")
  • Omega comes to Earth and falls in love with Coma White, but she becomes addicted to drugs and dies of an overdose ("Coma White")
  • The Worm idolizes Omega, who has been corrupted into one of the "Beautiful People," one of the ruling class of Holy Wood, and is now angry and violent though still physically perfect; he performs "Irresponsible Hate Anthem" and the Worm is in the audience.
  • In "Tied Up, Dried, and Dead to the World," the Worm wants to be like Omega, and tries to tell him this after the show, but Omega just taunts him ("don't you want some of this?") and says that if he wants power he'll have to take it ("Wake up and stop shaking, 'cause you're just wasting time").
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  • The Worm is conflicted at first ("Tourniquet") but eventually has a revelation ("Cryptorchid") and begins his revolution by confronting Omega, mocking him ("Deformography") and then killing him and assuming his place ("Wormboy").

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