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  • Five words: Ozzy Osbourne and Marilyn Manson. An epic, hilarious, and heart-warming Guitar World interview for the ages where they talk about their shared experiences being made pariahs by the media.
    • Even better, Manson gushes about what a big Ozzy fan he is, and Ozzy gives the love right back. "I gotta tell you, man, the name of your band is fucking great. I think it's a great angle. Really cool."
  • It's no secret by now that underneath all the shock and theatrics, Marilyn Manson himself, aka Brian Warner, is an incredibly well-spoken and intelligent individual. At his peak, he usually scored awesome moments just from the way he defended his art and his image.
    • For example, Manson was on The O'Reilly Factor once. He pretty much won the argument, while still done up. Not only did he win an argument with the king of interrupting you and not letting you speak, he did it without changing a thing about himself. In fact, the two seem to have a fairly civil chat, with O'Reilly admitting that Manson is very well-spoken, and after that, minimizes interrupting him when he makes a point. Manson even goes a step further and admits that Bill brings up valid points against him and that he respects him for challenging his views. The thing that makes this the most awesome is that he made Bill O'Reilly, who likes to steamroll over his guests and sometimes talk down to them, seemingly back down from what he probably assumed was going to be a shouting match.
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    • Marilyn Manson himself appeared on MTV on a program called Mothers Against Manson, in which he engaged in discussion with the concerned parents of two of his teenaged female fans. One mom's beef with Manson was that her daughter had turned away from Catholicism since becoming a Marilyn Manson fan. To this, Manson replied very calmly and not unkindly, "Maybe it's your religion, and it wasn't supposed to be hers."
    • Manson made an appearance in Michael Moore's Bowling for Columbine, where Moore interviewed him in response to accusations that his music had helped drive the Columbine killers to commit their massacre.note  Manson was completely calm and level-headed, discussing exactly why it's so easy for the religious right to scapegoat him, as well as pointing out some hypocrisy in the accusations. When Moore asked him what he would say to the kids and people affected by the tragedy, if he had the chance, he responded, in the best moment in the movie:
      Manson: I wouldn't say a single word to them. I would listen to what they have to say. And that's what no one did.
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  • This is more of a moment for Manson's unlikely friends than Manson himself, but in an episode of Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher in the 1990s, Manson gets lambasted by Lakita Garth, who insisted that she was more Christ-like than he was. Finally, Manson defends himself, and when Garth tries to condescend again, Florence Henderson jumps to his defense:
    Henderson: Maybe he's more Christ-like than you are.
  • Prior to his first concert in Colorado since the Columbine massacre, Manson, as mentioned earlier, had endured a lot of bile from the religious right, and on top of that, he got hundreds of death threats leading up to the show. Needless to say, Manson (as he admitted later) was a little afraid for his life. All this in mind, he advertised before the show, which took place in Denver, Colorado, on June 22, 2001, that he would have a special segment in which he read from the Bible. Here's Manson's now-legendary 'Bible Speech', a tour-de-force of Rage Against the Heavens and Black Comedy:
    Manson: And like I promised, I said I would read from the Bible. Let me ask you a question. Does this sound like it's very offensive to young people? "For everyone that curses his Father or his Mother, he shall surely be put to death." And that's not all, brothers and sisters. And if we can turn our Bibles to Psalms... "Happy shall he be who taketh and dasheth the little ones against the stones." So let me ask you a question: Who is the worse influence - God, or Marilyn Manson? [crowd yells "GOD!!"] And if that is not the best fucking example, God Himself killed his own motherfucking son! So let's sing the Death Song kids!!! [cue "The Death Song"]
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  • Manson's appearance on Once Upon a Time as the voice of The Neverland Shadow pretty much embodies the term One-Scene Wonder (despite being in two scenes). Dark, creepy, and everything you would expect the Shadow to sound like if it could talk. Well done, Mr. Manson.
  • The emergence of the band in the mid 90s allowed theatricality, image, showmanship and spectacle to come back into alternative music. This was a big happening, especially after the excesses of the Hair Metal era got split into the serious and downbeat Grunge, with it's active rejection of anything that might suggest style over substance, and the traditional Heavy Metal schools which, while faster and more aggressive, still eschewed anything that might smack of a lack of seriousness. It took Marilyn Manson to show that there was a market for alternative music that showcased the visual as well as the musical elements of a band.
  • He's been hanging out with Alice Cooper for several years now and the two have gone on tour. Then both Steven Tyler and Johnny Depp showed up with the pair.


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