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Tear Jerker / Lost Tales of Fantasia

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  • Mickey Mouse's backstory. After the happy ending of Mary Poppins, the Banks family was killed, with only Michael surviving and being sent to an orphanage. He escapes from the orphanage and, after being turned part-mouse by Maleficent, is taken in by Merlin to be his apprentice. Later, however, Merlin is killed by Maleficent and Mickey has to run again.
  • Neverland getting destroyed by the Nazis. When they first attack, Peter, Hook, and the others are able to put up a fight, and even have a possible chance of winning... then the bombs drop. That's it. Neverland is completely devastated in seconds. The Indians are all killed, the Fairy Tree is destroyed, and the surviving mermaids have to flee back to Atlantica. It's very much a combination of Tear Jerker and Nightmare Fuel.
    • The tragedy causes Peter to lose his ability to fly. Permanently. Neverland's destruction is so devastating to him that he's unable to think happy enough thoughts again.
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  • Captain Hook and Tinkerbell's falling out, when they used to be so happy together, is described in Hook's log. Hook's following descent into insanity makes it even worse.
  • Mary Poppins's and Bert's scene in one of the interludes. Even though they're conversation is playful and optimistic, there's a melancholy undercurrent about how the End of an Age is nearing, and Mary and Bert are changing, and might have to part in the future. The scene ends with Bert walking away and whistling a rather muted "God Save the Queen".
  • What happens to Shego during the war. She sees her sister get killed and her head taken by by the Headless Horseman. She ends up having to burn the Headless Horseman, getting Heroic BSoD from seeing her sister's head in flames. And through all this, her commander, Major Monogram, is completely unsympathetic to her. The poor little thing...

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