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Awesome / Lost Tales of Fantasia

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  • In a meta sense, the fact that the author managed write a Dark Fic for Disney, while keeping most of the characters consistent with their canon personalities, slipping in an insane amount of references, and doing it all with some pretty dang good writing is very awesome in and of itself.
  • Even though she's just been enchanted to not care about her duties anymore, Odette still manages to pull an impressive Batman Gambit on Maleficent to prevent her from getting Odette's enchanted flower.
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  • In Hook's log, he describes his journey through Hell. When he comes face-to-face with the Red Queen, she demands his mind as the price for his love of Tinkerbell. His response?
  • When the Headless Horseman is bearing down on the king, his servant steps up and empties all of his bullets into him.
    Lumiere: You want more!? BE MY GUEST!
  • Eddie Valiant's following fight with the Horseman, managing to use his Lethal Joke Item to push the horseman off a flying ship.
    The Horseman decided he hated this human more than any other being in any other world, and by the time he hit the ground, he had decided not to cut off his head, but to systematically break and destroy every single fibre of his being, starting with his toe tips, and continuing up to his neck, keeping him alive until the very end, and then wearing his head as a trophy during the Red Queen's gallas.
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  • When the Headless Horseman actually manages to make it to the ship, Mickey manages to call him off by demanding Alice show herself and threatening to kill Peter if she didn't call the Horseman off.
  • When we find out just what the Order of Fantasia was: a gathering of some of Disney's most magical characters, all united at the birth of magic.
  • The song "Put a Feather in Your Hat" sing by Dr Facilier, is very well-described and very Creepy Awesome.
  • In University, Tigger is an incredible martial artist, better than even Shego. She just barely escapes him when he attacks her, thinking she's going to hurt the Hundred Acre Project.

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