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Heartwarming / Lost Tales of Fantasia

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  • Iridessa's loyalty towards Peter Pan, as she's the only one to go on a crazy dangerous adventure with him.
  • When Christopher Robin rescues Minnie from the Nazis and gets her to safety, sacrificing himself to do so.
  • After everything Shego has been through, Mickey comforting her and telling her that her sister's death was not her fault... it brings tears to the eyes.
  • Mary Poppins and Bert's conversation in one of the interludes is very sweet, flirty, and loving. Having changed and grown along with all of Britain, they're both finally able to openly show their affection for each other, made especially heartwarming by the bleak surroundings. They're parting words, while bittersweet, are encouraging as they both wish each other luck while bravely facing the future.

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