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"Have you ever really wondered about some of the things that go on in Disney movies? If the Friends On The Other Side only had Dr. Facilier as an ally, they wouldn't have killed him, so somewhere out there must be another guy with access to the forces of darkness just waiting to trap all of our souls. Why did a drop of sunlight fall in Tangled? Why is Pocahantas' grandmother a willow tree? How did a miserable old man like Captain Hook end up in Neverland?"
—Chapter 1, the author's introduction

I went to hell today. I met the Hare who arrogantly challenged the Tortoise to a race, condemned forever to be late. I met the twin demons of wrath and they sang me a song of death, despair, and cannibalism. I met the god of sloth and his insane henchmen. One of them made me a new hat out of the skin of children. And finally, I met the queen of lust and heartache. She stared at me with her angry eyes, and demanded my mind as the price for my love for Tinkerbell. And I looked at her and I said "Why don't you try and take it?"
—Captain Hook

A Pirate, a Princess, a Hero, a Thief, an Inventor, a Wizard, and a Star.
One of them will scowl and glower.
Two of them lived in a tower.
Three of them have magic power.
Four of them from death would cower.
Five will save the earth in an hour.
Six of them will have a magic flower.
And each their enemies devour.
And they will come together though time and space divide,
the Seven of the Order and a fairy too beside.
And the Shadow Man will follow, and the Oracle will guide!
— Prophecy about the Order of Fantasia

A plan is nothing but a fragile statue just waiting to be shattered. To have a plan that works is to be able to use one of the shards to kill the man with the hammer.

"Obviously, the clones must be imperfect. I cannot imagine myself with a sense of ethics."
—Doctor XXX

"You want more!? BE MY GUEST!"
Lumiere, facing off the Headless Horseman

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