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Tear Jerker / Girls' Generation

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  • The song Dear Mom, especially considering what happened to Tiffany and Yoona's mothers. Tiffany's mother passed away before Tiffany debuted and Yoona's mother allegedly deserted her family when she was little. Little is known about both incidents, but they remain tearjerkers in every mention.
    • And as of 2018, Tiffany finally revealed that her mother committed suicide when Tiffany was 11.
  • The first time Tiffany speaks about what really happened to her mother, or the reason why the word "mother" is banned in the dorm . Back then, when people asked her about her mother, she would only mention that they weren't close with each other, that she hadn't seen her in a while, or she would just mention both of her parents in passing.
    • Tiffany also mentioned that her relationship with her father was strained in the past due to him not approving of her going to Korea and becoming a singer. Once he warmed up to her career, they were still distant with each other due to how far away and busy Tiffany was. Seeing someone as cheerful as Tiffany cry about this was hard for many fans, especially seeing as how she seldom talks about her parents.
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    • It gets even more heartbreaking when Tiffany also revealed in 2018 that she wound up having to cut contact with her father due to him being financially abusive towards her. Up until she ended her relationship with him, Tiffany was being pressured and threatened by him and those working with him to repay his debts.
  • Sooyoung voicing her sadness about only getting to sing eight words in "I Got A Boy". "Give me some parts.. I'll sing well.. I only got 8 words to sing in this song.. I get my hair/makeup done at 5 in the morning just to sing 8 words." Especially sad when you realize that she's their most fluent Japanese speaker, yet barely gets any solo lines in their Japanese releases (usually her lines are her harmonizing with either Seohyun or Taeyeon).
    • A lot of fans were annoyed that the "dance line" was barely used in their first Japanese album in general. Things seemed to get better in the video for "My oh My", where not only did Sooyoung get to sing a fairly substantial part (with only the vocal line singing more), there's a section in both the video and the song where only the "dance line" (Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Yuri and Yoona) are featured. Yoona and Hyoyeon sang a bit more then normal as well (which is to say, more then one line that they may or may not get to repeat later in the song). Unfortunately, that was pretty much the only song on their second Japanese album where Sooyoung sang a substantial amount (excepting "Galaxy Supernova"), and she received quite a bit of backlash for it from certain other Sones, who claimed she "stole" lines from the more popular members, insinuated she must have slept with someone to get those lines, oh, and "[S]he should just shut up because she can't sing". And with the release of the Mr. Mr. mini album... She's back down to getting about one line per song, if that.
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  • Hearing that certain members - Jessica, Sooyoung and Sunny - became very ill during one tour, and Sunny ended up having to go to the hospital to be injected with an IV drip.
  • Yoona may seem like a very carefree and laid-back person, but she has her problems too, just like how her mother (allegedly) left her when she was a baby, being a member of the SM depression club, and being the "face" of the group which is both a blessing and a curse to her since this is one of the reasons why she has the most anti-fans in the group.
  • Excerpts of their wishes on the TV show "Beatles Code".
    Hyoyeon: I don't want anything fancy, I'd just like a vacation. But a vacation which I'm told about beforehand so that I could at least buy my plane tickets cheaper. I would love to go on a family vacation. That's really all I ask for.
    Yuri: I would like to live an organized life. As of now, my lifestyle is very hectic. I want to be able to plan my weekends and have fun.
    Jessica: I want to be more free in terms of both mental and lifestyle. I want to find true happiness and would like to go on a vacation.
    Tiffany: I want SNSD to achieve even more success. It feels like we finished our tour only a few days ago but we were in the midst of working on our 3rd album, it felt like time went by way too fast. Sometimes I think to myself "What did I just do?" or "What am I doing right now?" And in order to achieve bigger success I think we need a little break. That kind of upsets me. If happiness is 100 points I only feel 10 because we're so tired. Of course I'm beyond thankful, but because of fatigue I say "But I'm so tired" and feel like I'm not properly being thankful.
    • The girls' (and probably other SM artists, if not all K-Pop artists in general) schedule is always full, and judging from fan accounts, the members say that they only get about 1-2 hours of sleep every night when this happens. Some people, however, insist that this is fair treatment since SNSD gets paid with a large sum of money.
  • The treatment of Hyoyeon as compared to the other members. She's called "Hyogre", "Hyoppa", "the ugly one", etc. Then you get photos like one that say imply one has to be drunk to see her as attractive. The fact that she was consistently styled the worst in the group's early days really didn't help matters at all.
    • A quote from someone's post on an SNSD forum sums it up pretty well:
    "I wanted to get a message out loud and clear - you underestimate Hyoyeon and how much of an affect she's had within the ever expanding, international fandom. You don't treat her as well as the other members, as a fandom/as a whole, and you don't respect her as well as the other members. It is obvious and it is SAD. You don't treat her as well. You just don't. Your philosophy of OT9, which we as an international fandom learned from YOU ALL and of which we now PREACH, is constantly jaded in my eyes but now I can't ignore that anymore. OT9 only means something to me if it is directly from SNSD's mouths but if a KSONE has something to say on it, I can't take it seriously anymore. Sones, you are all too much! [...] It's a big deal because things like this KEEPS ON HAPPENING with her. I recently downloaded a large SNSD picture archive via Moonsoshi9 from a Chinese website. MASSIVE amounts of pics from many events expanding from the very late 2010 to late 2011 - think of every official fan taken picture released, it's all there. And I'm scanning through these all, looking at the hard work and money that KSONE have spent, at the beautiful women who worked so hard for what they have now. But I keep on returning to the same feelings all Hyohunnies have - the very few pictures that Hyo gets. I looked in a folder of around 80 pictures and there were only 2 pictures of her while the rest were equally represented. One of which is just her in the side. A bunch of pictures of which she is literally BLOCKED OUT by a BLACK BOX. [...] There is absolutely no EXCUSE."
    • SONEs felt nothing but empathy toward Hyoyeon when she revealed on 'Secret Unnie' that for a while, she felt very angry that she was never the center in the group's songs, despite being their best dancer.
  • The crap their antis put them through is awful. Calling them "sluts" and "whores" who are "talentless and plastic" (but hey, if a male idol gets plastic surgery, then he's "SO HOT!"). Antis have been known to purposefully mistranslate things (such as when Taeyeon was criticized for apparently saying that Alicia Keys was pretty "for a black person" when she actually said "black friend is very pretty") and even make up outright lies (one notable example being when someone claimed Sooyoung and Sunny were rude and aggressive in an airport - which was proven to have been a complete and utter lie - the accuser wound up changing her story multiple times, and finally deleted her blog). Hell, one anti even wished Sooyoung had died or been paralyzed after her car accident!
    • It's worth noting a lot of antis are fangirls of male groups who become furious when a female idol so much as looks at their "oppar".
    • There was an incident on an "SNSD Confession" blog where an anti pretended to be a Sooyoungster and wrote several posts about things like "Sooyoung is so much prettier than stupid Yoona!" "Sooyoung should be the main singer of the group and Horsica and Hyogre should go die!". Cue furious backlash against Sones and Sooyoungsters, even after the anti revealed themselves and laughed at all the trouble they'd caused.
  • The infamous Black Ocean back in 2008. Almost a year after they debuted, SNSD was performing at the 2008 Dream Concert. People in the audience (mainly EL Fs, Cassies, and Triple S's) turned off their lightsticks - considered by the KPOP fandom to be probably the most impolite thing to do at a K-Pop concert - and behaved horribly. Regardless of the reasons behind it, it's incredibly hard to see most of the members on stage trying to keep smiling and performing while obviously holding back their tears.
  • The Oreogate (Taeyeon/Baekhyun) scandal. Yikes. For those who don't know the whole story, Taeyeon and Baekhyun started talking after Baekhyun was in TaeTiSeo's music video for Twinkle back in 2012, and started dating in February 2014. Not long after former EXO member Kris came out saying that he was suing SM and leaving the company, BaekYeon were photographed in Taeyeon's car, driving with the top down and kissing in public. Fans of both groups went nuts, calling Taeyeon an "fox in a bear's skin" (a sly, deceitful woman who acts like a cute, innocent one), a "slut" for (allegedly) dating four guys from the same company (she has also supposedly dated Leeteuk and Kangin of Super Junior and Junsu of JYJ/TVXQ), and a "pedophile" for being 3 years older than Baekhyun. They also claimed the two had been using fan gifts as well their Instagram accounts that were "made for the fans" to send messages to each other. Taeyeon originally tried to apologize through a post on her Instagram, but it was quickly deleted and her company kept her quiet. After landing in Japan for an event, Taeyeon found a fan who spoke Korean and cried, begging them to tell the fans online that she never meant to hurt them or use them and she hopes that they can forgive her. This seemed to have everyone pacified until one netizen pointed out in that in the paparazzi's pictures of the incident... She was wearing one black (or Baek in Korean) stud and one white (or Hyun in Korean) stud in her ear. Uh-oh. For a while, she and Baekhyun barely even touched their official Instagram accounts nor their alleged secret Instagram accounts for one another, "brntbbdass" (Born To Be Bad Ass) and "brntbbdassxoxo" (Born To Be Bad Ass XOXO).
    • It seemed to be mostly jealous fangirls of Baekhyun and fanboys of Taeyeon who were upset, and they were called out by other, more rational netizens. There was also debate about whether or not Taeyeon and Baekhyun's Instagram posts were considered "betrayal", with international netizens saying that Korean netizens needed to "calm down and get over it". Korean netizens responded in a polite and civil manner saying that international netizens were delusional cockroaches.
    • Note also that Taeyeon has been bearing the brunt of people's fury, while Baekhyun has been mostly silent. This has not gone unnoticed.
    • One example of the hate she's getting came from an article saying that she and Red Velvet's leader Irene happened to look similar: "Irene is a million times prettier than that poophead dwarf Taeyeon".
    • Taeyeon returned to Instagram, posting about SNSD's 7th anniversary. Comments were kinder than normal, saying "She uploaded a picture celebrating their 7th anniversary.. this isn't something you need to leave hate about", "I'm going to take screenshots of EXO fans posting hate and spread it around.. I really think they're the bad apples of society.. I'm sure they'll realize eventually that it's not like they'll stop dating just because of their one hate comment. Karma's going to come back and it's going to all land on your oppas receiving hate back tenfold", "EXO's crazy fangirls, stop leaving hate on her page. It's all going to result in people hating on your oppas anyway" and "I feel sad for them because they're getting hurt just because they're dating at an age when everyone else is dating.. They receive a lot of love from the public but also a lot of hate.. and yet, I'm jealous of how much money they make".
    • Netizen comments about Sooyoung have taken a nasty turn after the Taeyeon/Baekhyun scandal. They're saying that Sooyoung should not be cast as the lead in dramas, but as "the lead's South-East Asian best friend", and after it was announced that she was going to be an announcer for the upcoming Miss Korea pageant, people said that the show might as well be called "Miss South East Asia" and that Sooyoung (along with Sunny and Hyoyeon) were the "ugly" members of SNSD.
      • This took many by surprise, because prior to the Taeyeon/Baekhyun scandal, she was known as the Anti's Darling (or the SNSD member that even antis liked).
  • As of 29 September 2014, The announcement that Jessica had been forced out of the group. SNSD had been one of the shining examples of girl groups who all got along and had stayed together for years upon years (almost 13-15 years as trainees and group members!) with little to no strife. While in New York, Jessica had woken up to start promotions with the group to find out that she was forced out of the group and said so on her weibo in both English and Korean. She later released a full statement giving a timeline, stating how SM and Girls' Generation originally supported her wanting to own a business but only after she launched it, the girls changed their stance and called for a meeting and forced Jessica to choose between the group or her business. She then went to the company and they gave her permission once more, but then on the 29th, she was told to leave the group. SM fired back by stating that allegedly Jessica put her fashion company, her rumored boyfriend and wanting to go back to school in America for design a bigger priority over SNSD.
    • However, in a moment mixed with CMOH, at the Shenzhen fanmeet Jessica was headed to when she got kicked out, fans showed their support for Jessica by holding their pink J lightsticks, and holding up signs saying "8+1= COMPLETE". Surprisingly, the group members also decided to leave Jessica's parts mostly unsung note  and filled in by the fans and after a while, Seohyun broke down in sobs, followed by Yoona, Hyoyeon and Yuri. note 
    • Some k-netizens and fans, however, pointed out that Jessica had been rumored to be wanting to leave for a while (supposedly to get married - rumours of this had been circulating for nearly a year), so they found her announcement to be in very bad taste. However, these marriage rumors were debunked as the supposed marriage partner in question denied the engagement and relationship multiple times himself and Jessica had never acknowledged him as more than just her business partner and the rumors of Jessica wanting to leave came from anonymous unverified sources that claim to be close with Jessica and the girls, so take it with a grain or two of salt.
      • As of 2016, Jessica has confirmed that she and Tyler are in a relationship. So perhaps those rumours aren't so debunked after all - and there was also an episode of Jessica & Krystal's reality show that aired in which Krystal cried and said that "Nobody listens to what I have to say," and Jessica replied "Don't worry, we'll be free soon." Just a little while after that and Jessica announces her departure. That's an awfully big coincidence... Also notable is that after being criticized for barely seeming to do any actual designing work on her fashion line (and the success of that brand being very controversial), she announces she's going back into music to be a solo artist (despite repeatedly insisting she wasn't going to).
    • The fact that the other eight girls are now being demonized by international fans, who nearly universally blame them for Jessica's departure after Jessica made the claim that the other eight had come together to force her out. It's incredibly disheartening to read the sneering claims from people who have no idea what actually happened, and choose only to believe one side. It's almost reminiscent of T-ARA, who were demonized after Hwayoung was removed, only to finally have it revealed that she was never the innocent martyr she made herself out to be (although the circumstances around the two departures were wildly different).
      • The other girls don't even have the power to pick their lead singles, and somehow people believe that they have the power to force her out?
  • Just shortly after Jessica's alleged forced removal from the group, the group released their music video for their Japanese single "Divine", which was the last music video with all nine original members. Reactions ranged from heartbroken over the loss of OT9/Divine Nine to bitter over how Jessica received the lines "We are always one" and "We can be divine" .
  • At the end of their Tokyo Dome concert (which was already a big enough deal in itself due to both Jessica's departure and how prestigious the venue is), the girls sang a new ballad version of their debut single, "Into the New World." The moment was so emotional that Sunny could barely sing her parts since she was crying so hard. Several of the other girls followed suit.
  • After the group got their first Music Bank win for a performance of "Kissing You" done after the group had to run on foot to make it in time after a car accident, everyone starts violently bawling Tears of Joy. It can be hard to watch, and was at one point ranked as one of the most tearjerking moments in SNSD history.
  • Sooyoung's mother reading her daughter a letter is equal parts Tear Jerker and Heartwarming Moments. Even Sooyoung wasn't able to keep her emotions back.
  • Sunny talking about her grandparents who were very sick and in America receiving treatment, and eventually taking a chance to talk to the camera as if she was talking to them in hopes that they'd watch. She sounds exactly like a child, which makes it even more devastating to watch.
    "Please don't be sick..."
    • Sunny also said that her grandmother was so badly ill, she couldn't even recognize her anymore.
  • The absolute clusterfuck that's been their 10th year anniversary. As Korea's National Girl Group and a frontrunner for the Hallyu Wave that has kept going strong for ten years, Sones expected it to be the comeback of the century. Instead, the girls got screwed over by their own company.
  • Taeyeon's father passed away on her birthday in 2020, followed two months later by her grandmother.
  • Yuri revealing in 2016 how her mother kept her cancer diagnosis a secret from her as a child, only to have it relapse after a surgical procedure.


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