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The "D" in SNSD does not stand for "dork", but these are some events that will make us think otherwise.

  • These girls have many of these moments, especially Sooyoung, but Hyoyeon comes in a close second. The girls' episode of Intimate Note was a Crowning EPISODE of Funny. Special mention goes to Hyoyeon's "Princess Fiona", Sunny's "Princess Ariel", Jessica's brief freak-out at Sunny, the Tall vs. Short team's battles, and this little moment from the Taeyeon/Sooyoung battle:
    Taeyeon: *Explaining how the height differences in the group work out*
    Sooyoung: *Leans over and mutters something to the MC*
    MC: She says you wore insoles!
    Taeyeon: *Sputtering, to Sooyoung* WILL YOU PLEASE BE QUIET?
    • To clarify: What starts out as a simple airing of grievances between the tall and the short members quickly descends into a massive free-for-all where each members annoying habits are exposed and ridiculed. Even the MC's (who are supposed to keep some kind of order and structure to the show) are effectively relegated to the sideline while the girls duke it out amongst themselves. And this keeps going for a full 35 minutes. You can watch it here. (at least until Youtube removes it.)
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    • Also qualifies as a Moment of Awesome for Seohyun. At one point the other members gang up on her commenting on her naivety and her dislike of boys. Seohyun not only has an answer for every single comment she also remains completely calm during the whole process never once losing her cool.
  • Some of the videos (VTRs/VRCs) which serve as intermission numbers between songs during their concerts count as this. Try not to giggle.
  • Courtesy of an Inkigayo fan account from 01/06/13:
    Jessica threw her hat to where the fans were, and she got surprised when a fan got hit. When the fans said they were okay, she got the hat, looked over it, and asked, “Hat, are you okay?”
  • Anytime Sunny and Taeyeon are being teased about their height.
  • Taeyeon's "free time" video on the Paradise In Phuket DVD.
  • This anecdote involving Lee Hyori, a veteran K-Pop Idol, former member of now-defunct Girl Group Fin.K.L and a fan.

    Lee Hyori: Do you still like Fin.K.L?
    Fan: Yes.
    Lee Hyori: Switch to SNSD.
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  • Hyoyeon's walk at the end of their Bad Girl video.
  • Sooyoung vs. Jessica (and technically Seohyun).
  • Poor Sooyoung! She's lamenting not getting very many lines, so Sunny reaches out to pat her on the arm and comfort her... then suddenly snatches her hand back. What happened? She pricked her hand on the spikes on Sooyoung's jacket! "Fashion is pain" indeed.
  • Some of the faces Taeyeon makes during live performances definitely count.
    • A lot of their live antics count - they're just having so much fun up there you can't help but laugh along!
  • Their engrish skills (but be wary that they've improved nowadays).
  • Sooyoung, Taeyeon, and Seohyun does the weather.
  • Sooyoung's... improvised version of the arrow dance from "Hoot".
  • Jessica's comment about "Don't run, however late you are. It just makes you tired and hot, and that's no fun!"
  • Tiffany, Sooyoung, Jessica and Yuri were giving an interview and when the interviewer made a comment along the lines of "pretty kids are always nice", Tiffany zinged Jessica with a sweetly spoken "You must not be pretty, then!"
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  • Their pictures from the 2nd Japan Tour Concert held at their last venue for that tour, Osaka.
  • During one interview, Taeyeon could be seen struggling to lower her chair (far right).
  • Sooyoung's attempt at a nonchalant wink from "Dating Agency: Cyrano".
  • SNSD do the "wave"!
  • Is Sooyoung the next Taeyeon?
  • All hail Taeyeon and her powerful kiss!
  • SNSD does the limbo. Noteworthy moments include Sooyoung and one of the hosts dancing together very intently - and then the host's wife chews him out, Hyoyeon managing to do a dance routine to the national exercise music, and Sunny being Sunny.
  • Sunny said she would bow if SNSD won on a certain music show. They did win, but when Sunny went to actually perform the bow...
    Sunny: Thank you everyone! I will now do my bow. *Sets the trophy down and then kneels on a piece of fabric)*
    Tiffany: Ah! She's so embarrassing! Get her out of here!
    *Taeyeon appears, wraps Sunny up in the fabric and begins dragging her off-screen as Sunny and Tiffany start giggling hysterically*
    Taeyeon: Oof, how am I supposed to do this!?
  • A lot of their recent encore stages count.
    • Watch for Yuri and Hyoyeon dancing together mock-seductively, Sunny barking, and then Jessica, Sunny and Tiffany treating Sooyoung as a stand-in for their backup dancers (who are male).
  • This Happy Together episode with Sooyoung, Sunny, Yuri, Seohyun and Taeyeon.
  • When they filmed Hello Baby. A lot of CMOF moments were born:
  • The girls, especially Sooyoung and Yuri were absolutely nothing but hilarious to watch on variety shows back in the day because they goofed off and did funny impressions and other things, but eventually the group was scolded by the company, stating that acting goofy and adorkable was getting in the way of their "quiet, polite, girl-next-door" image. However, on the now defunct variety show, Come To Play's 2011 SMTown special, Sooyoung explained the situation and was coerced into doing one last gem in one of her infamous impressions:
  • Yoona's flounder impression.
    • and her infamous Teacher Kang (Gag Concert character) impression.
  • While filming the variety show, Dangerous Boys, Yoona revealed that her and Sunny had a fight where Yoona was speaking really loudly in exaggerated aegyo while other members were trying to sleep in the dressing room and Sunny got up and told her that if she said one more word, she'd throw her down the stairs. A couple episodes later, this happened.
  • Their short-lived Horror Movie Factory show had such great moments:
    • The girls' hidden camera prank on Taeyeon which was the whole point of the first episode. Special mention to Yuri for doing a convincing job of someone who was possessed by the spirit of a dead child and Sooyoung's convincing crying.
    • The girls pair up and go through a haunted house and try to read a script whilst keeping their cool. Special mention to Jessica who was paired up with Tiffany. Jessica was so scared, she basically kicked everything and every actor and upon returning, started bawling into Taeyeon's arms.
      • Pretty much how every girl reacted when placed in that enviroment: Jessica was a mess, Sunny kept cool as a cucumber, and Seohyun was too happily distracted by everything to even react.
  • This image of Tiffany being rather roughly hugged by Tyler, the Creator. You should really look at their eyes.
  • Yuri, Hyoyeon, Sunny, Seohyun, and Sooyoung dancing to "Gangnam Style". It's ironic because "Gangnam Style" was the song that crushed the record that "Gee" had for the longest-running #1 song on Music Bank.
  • In this shoutout video to a SNSD fan channel celebrating their 6th anniversary, after they sing "Happy Birthday" Jessica brings new meaning to her "ice queen" moniker by randomly staying locked in one position and not even blinking.
  • This snippet from a live performance of "Girls' Generation", which has Sunny and Taeyeon fake(?) kissing for four seconds. Equally funny is how all the cheering is male.
  • All the girls goofing off on Instagram live.
    • A few seconds in and Taeyeon feels the need to set some basic rules:
    TY: you can't curse kids, this is live. No cursing.
    • Tiffany: "Yuri says to hurry up and get ready to shoot so... WE'RE GONNA KEEP SHOOTING YURI!"
    • Hyoyeon writing hate comments, Taeyeon mimicking Tiffany's English , fangirling over Sooyoung and imitating Seohyun's "Don't say no" dance.
  • While SONES, as a whole, are a very supportive fandom, Sooyoung's pterodactyl fangirl and a loud Taeyeon/Jessica fanboy take the crown for their dedication.
  • This adorable picture with Sooyoung and Taeyeon. Same sweater, different feel.
  • Taeyeon getting drunk with power at her concert.
  • Sooyoung as Sadness from Inside Out.
  • "All Yuri and Hyoyeon have done for the past 17 years is making fun of people".
  • "Nice weather, it's fucking cold."


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