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Tear Jerker / Gilligan's Island

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  • When the Castaways are rescued and back home, they find they can no longer adjust to being off the island. They essentially move back to found an island resort — but at least this time, they chose to stay.
  • The brief appearance by Jim Backus, wracked by Parkinson's Disease, in The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island. The rest of the cast is visibly moved when he appears, and some were crying.
    • Everyone knew it would be one of his last performances, and after filming had finished on that brief scene, the entire cast and crew burst into a spontaneous round of applause for Jim Backus.
    • And it gets worse. After he finished filming his scene, he turned to Dawn Wells and asked her, "Was I funny?" and she reassured him that he was.
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    • There's a flub in this scene. Natalie Schafer (Mrs. Howell) calls him "Jim" instead of "Thurston". Everyone must've been so happy to see him they didn't notice the slip up, or, more likely, didn't care.


  • The 1989 passing of Jim Backus, after about a decade of battling Parkinson's Disease
  • The 1990 passing of Alan Hale Jr, only six months after Backus's death
  • The 1991 passing of Natalie Schafer.
  • The 2005 passing of Bob Denver.
  • The 2014 passing of Russell Johnson.


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