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Headscratchers / Gilligan's Island

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  • What is up with the sleeping arrangements at the beginning of the first Season?
    So they don't think they'll be on the island very long, but a storm is coming, and they decide, to save time and labor, they'll build one communal shelter for everybody — okay. They divide the hut into separate sections by hanging blankets — makes sense. The married couple, single men, and single women each sleep in a different section, right? Nope — Gilligan and the Skipper have their own room, next to the Howells, next to the girls and the Professor... this is the same network that was paranoid about Dawn Wells showing her navel, right?
    • It is still a pretty innocent environment. No one is going to rape the girls or something and pre-marital sex, though not entirely taboo (it was implied in some episodes) doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon among the characters.
      • Though Ginger is seen donning a Modesty Bedsheet, so it's not entirely clear what's going on there...
  • Why does everybody say Gilligan served with the Skipper in World War II? He doesn't look THAT old!
    • According to The Other Wiki , they served in the Navy during an "unspecified war," during which Gilligan saved the Skipper's life. Bob Denver was 30 when the series started, so if he served at the end of the Korean war when he was 18 or 19, it's not that much of a stretch. You are correct, though, he would have been too young for WWII.
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    • Vietnam is also a possibility, since the US entered that conflict in 1959 and the series started in 1966.
  • How do the men stay clean shaven? Eventually, wouldn't they run out of razor blades or batteries for electric razors?
    • After all the things the Professor made with bamboo and coconuts he probably could handle some bamboo-based razor or something like that.
    • Simpler than that: seashells have been used to remove facial and body hair since prehistoric times.
  • How do Mary Ann and Ginger make pies without eggs, flour, or sugar?
    • The pie crust would be heavy, but you can make flour and oil/butter out of coconuts (the real question is how did they grind the flour?). Tropical fruit tends to be sweet enough without added sugar, and juice can also be a sweetener.
    • And why wouldn't they have eggs?
  • How did apes get to an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, miles away from the nearest land?
  • Why didn't the Professor think about taking the Minnow apart, saving the nails and constructing a smaller boat? It worked in "Flight of the Phoenix."
    • They did try that early in Season 1, IIRC, and they also tried a raft. They didn't seem to be able to seal it properly and it fell apart. Also, weren't there sharks in the water past the lagoon?
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  • Why did Ginger and the Howells bring a large wardrobe on a boat tour that was only supposed to last three hours?

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