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Nightmare Fuel / Gilligan's Island

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Radioactive Gilligan- just as creepy in context.

  • In the episode "The Little Dictator" Gilligan has a nightmare that he is a president but turns out he is a puppet dictator, literally, in his nightmare he is a marionette on strings and the exiled president is playing with Gilligan as if he was a real puppet and laughs evily.
  • In the episode "And then there were none" when Gilligan had a nightmare he was Mr. Hyde, he looked more terrifying each time Ginger mentioned food.
  • At the end of "Physical Fatness" the photo-negative footage of Gilligan was pretty creepy. (It makes the page image.)
  • More than one viewer felt that during the show's "Jack and the Beanstalk" dream-episode, Alan Hale was genuinely frightening as the giant.
  • "Ghost a Go-Go" uses the Bedsheet Ghost trope (albeit it's a man pretending to be a ghost) and while the episode mostly keeps it from being Nightmare Retardant, it doesn't quite reach this trope. There is, however, one scene in the episode where Gilligan is woken up by the "ghost", opens the blinds, and sees the guy standing right outside his window staring at him.
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  • Any time the headhunters show up. Even though they’re usually defeated in rather comedic ways (always by scaring them away), the fact that a tribe of natives who react to any outsiders by ritualistically lopping off their heads exist in (relatively) modern day is pretty scary.
  • "The Hunter" was the darkest episode of the series. The hunter comes to the island hoping to find some game animals and seems friendly at first, but upon finding there aren't any suitable, he settles for Hunting the Most Dangerous Game as a new challenge. After Gilligan runs for more than twelve hours he hides in a tree disguise, hoping to survive long enough for the hunt's time limit to elapse...and the hunter just happens to choose that tree for target practice. Of course, in the end Gilligan wins the game and the hunter is sent to the mental hospital but it's still a pretty dark episode!
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  • "The Pigeon" For anyone who has arachnophobia a giant spider inside the cave where the pigeon had landed into is a giant black morning spider it's bite is very venomous that it would kill a human in one bite! Gilligan is justifiably scared of it but they have to try to save the pigeon, of course, the pigeon saves the crew in the end and the spider had ran away into the jungle saving the crew from it. But it still could be in the jungle somewhere waiting for it's next victim! If you have arachnophobia then stay away from this episode!

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