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  • In episode 26 where the castaways form an orchestra, Mary Ann is upset because she doesn't have any musical talent. Gilligan shows her how to play a musical saw. She shows her gratitude by kissing him, and we hear another "boiiiing!" which clearly does not come from the saw.
  • When the Professor refuses to join the others in what he sees as a ridiculous escape plan involving a magic stone that grants wishes, Mary Ann declares she won't leave without him. Mrs. Howell protests, "You can't stay with him, it's not proper! Thurston, they need a chaperone!"
  • A fan once pointed out to Russell Johnson that if the show were filmed today, the castaways would all be living in one hut. They actually started out with one communal hut, and an early episode centered on the girls demanding their own hut ("We've simply got to have some privacy!"). When the men fail to see this as a priority, Mrs. Howell tells Ginger and Mary Ann the story of Lysistrata (as in, the inventor of the Lysistrata Gambit).
    Mrs. Howell: She persuaded all the women in her town [grins at her husband] to ignore the men completely [emphasis hers] unless they got what they wanted.
    Ginger: Well, I think we should all act like Lysistrata.
  • From "Pass The Vegetables, Please":
    Ginger: I think the two things that I miss the most are vegetables and dates.
    Gilligan: We have plenty of dates here on the island.
    Ginger: Not the kind I miss...
  • The Professor's Techno Babble about a military jetpack that falls on the island includes the word "potency."
    Mr. Howell: How dare you talk that way in front of my wife!
  • In "Beauty Is As Beauty Does," when Gilligan's misuse of a fishing pole causes Mary Ann to lose her bathing suit, the Professor is several seconds behind Gilligan in covering his eyes while she has a Naked Freak-Out in the water.
  • A voice clip from the pinball game (that most likely was taken from the series) features, once the player has collected the coconuts, Gilligan saying, "Nice coconuts."
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  • When the Howells realize that they are still married, Mr. Howell invites his wife back to their hut to make "happy talk."
  • Ginger once asked a mechanical man to "get (her) off"...then touched it seductively, causing steam to shoot out of whatever passes for a robot's ears.
  • Gilligan once mentioned that he has a mole but he can't show anyone. When the Skipper asks why, Gilligan just looks away sheepishly.
  • When shown at bedtime, Ginger is usually clad in only a Modesty Bedsheet, implying she Sleeps in the Nude.

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