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Tear Jerker / Dust: An Elysian Tail

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  • Despite this being an Xbox DLC game, boxes that essentially act as advertisements are available in game stores because you can buy the promo codes in-store and use them to buy the full game. The cover (shown on the main page) depicts Dust holding one of the natives of his world, who is clearly dead. Fidget is looking at them, saddened. That's right. They show off a tear jerker before you've even started to play.
    • Made perhaps even worse after The Reveal. That probably isn't Dust on the cover. The two characters depicted are more likely to be Cassius and Jin, towards the end of the fight that killed both of them.
  • The unfortunate outcome of BoPo's father and MaBop's husband, who passed on despite Dust's, Fidget's, and Ahrah's best efforts of saving him. This moment was later followed with a funeral as the villagers of Mudpot lays to rest a dearly-departed member of the village.
    Fidget: We did everything we were supposed to...
    • Even more so because it serves as a Player Punch and wake-up call that not everyone gets a happy ending. foreshadowing Dust's death and the fact he's never able to reconcile Cassius' sins with Jins innocence within his dual-souls to find peace
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  • The game's Bittersweet Ending, where General Gaius and Dust are barely hanging by a small cliff in the depths of the volcano. The last words General Gaius spoke of to his close friend, whose soul is a part of Dust, is to cherish the world and finally falls to his fate. Dust also accepts that his time in the world has met its end, and refused to be rescued from the inferno to let the fiery embrace of death to take him. After Ginger and Fidget mourns after the sacrifice Dust has to make things right for the Moonblood, who was not only a close friend (and in Ginger's case, the reincarnation of her brother Jin), his spirit flows out from the volcano with Ahrah and drifts away.
  • Even as much as of a genocidal murderer as he is, it's hard not to feel for Gaius a little. He just wants his friend back.


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