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Headscratchers / Dust: An Elysian Tail

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  • How do Kane and Cora fit into the timeline at all? Every other time reference specifically cites the time between Ginger's family dying and the start of the game as one year, and Kane said that 1) he's the one who ratted them out and, 2) word got back to him about Ginger before he died. Word between villages is slow (although word inside a village is apparently instantaneous), so that would suggest he died less than a year before the start of the game... BUT that doesn't seem to be nearly enough time for:
    • Everything in the Sorrowing Meadow zone getting as dilapidated as it is
      • That could be a result of the same magic that twisted Kane into his monstrous form. A Fisher King sort of effect, in which the rage, grief, sorrow, and guilt Kane felt also seeped out into the surroundings and twisted them as it corrupted him.
    • The place to become commonly known as the Sorrowing Meadow and not whatever name it had before
      • That may not be the official name of ir, but rather a name given to it by the townsfolk after people went in, and either died or came out and told the village. Think how some places have a local name for a specific landmark/region.
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    • Cora to leave, grow old enough to be close to death, and decide to return
    • People to have forgotten that Cora is the Baroness Dowager, and her reputation is just that of "Crazy Old Cora"

  • The above all seem like things that should have needed several years or even decades to occur (Cora even SAYS that she lived there "many long years ago", and she obviously was still there when Kane died, because she was there to observe that the servants all left in a single night, and Kane spoke of her leaving him while he was alive as having been a hypothetical), but have been somehow compressed so that Kane could easily point Dust in the right direction to kick off the next chapter. Some of the information-spread issues may be explainable as being by the same mechanism that word seems to pass around town instantaneously and Dust knows details he hasn't been explicitly told, such as that the town of Mudpot is called Mudpot. Maybe some sort of low-level village Hive Mind at work there?
    • Cora still loved her husband, she could had left years ago and still heard about him (given that he was a Baron). She left due to the Baron selling out everyone, be it friends or family (which explains why people don't know who she really is, as the ones that did are most likely dead) and he could had continued his ways until the day he died.

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