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Awesome / Dust: An Elysian Tail

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  • The first time you achieve a 1000 hit combo. You’ll be screaming “THIS ONE’S FOR CORBIN!” yourself.
  • All of Dust's Badass Boast towards General Gaius at the end of game. After spending so long trying to find out who he his, and only to have a complete Heroic BSoD when he does find out, him finally accepting his identity and purpose is so many kinds of awesome, which can be summed up in this exchange:
    General Gaius: Then what are you?
    Dust: I am justice incarnate, brought to this world by forces beyond your comprehension. A cleansing storm to sweep across the land and purge it of your foul presence. I am Dust. And your campaign ends here, now. Throw down your weapons and surrender, or you will face an enemy unlike any this world has ever seen.
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  • Dust's death still counts as one. Anyone who can face death with a smile on their face is awesome enough, but doing it when the death you're facing is by molten magma? That is an entirely separate level of badass.
  • Dust can grapple an airship. Dust can GRAPPLE AN AIRSHIP! The game goes into slow motion for a moment while he's doing it, it's that awesome.
  • All of Dust's lines during the Final Battle. In particular his second to last line to General Gaius. "I remember everything. And it changes nothing!" Chills run down your spine every time you hear it.


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