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The king will be named Longinus
Because the Roman senator.

Dust is a Fantastic Light Source, and actually glows slightly at all times.
It's not just a gameplay effect; he has a slight fuzzy white aura around him in the animated cut scenes. Maybe because his body is supposed to be made from a piece of the Life Thread, and Power Glows?

Cora is a witch
Or some other manner of Badass old lady. Nothing in the Sorrowing Meadows can hurt her (allegedly), and while she lives quite far out of town, does not seem to be bothered at all by the monsters rampaging through the area.

Cassius fur was naturally a very light color, maybe even white, but he was known to regularly dye it.
The official Steam card art depicts Cassius as having dark, charcoal-grey fur, but everyone who knew Cassius immediately recognises Dust as him ( as long as Dust has his hat on) despite Dust's coat clearly being a bright cyan, and no-one ever asks "Cassius, what the hell happened to your fur?".

Cassius was killed because of his own compassion.
Cassius, from all accounts, was a ruthless assassin, but he seemed to express the tiniest amount of regret for having to kill Jin. And at the same time, there is no way in heck that Jin could have fought him head-to-head. During their battle - if it can be called that - he mortally injured the kid and actually felt bad about it, deep down. So, he
cradled the dying Jin in his arms, thinking he was past doing anything. He wasn't.

Supporting this? The cover art. That's not Dust and some random kid, that's Cassius and Jin.

Dust's satgat has a one-way mesh weave.
It's the black part. He can see out, other people can't see in.


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