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  • On the mission to recover Antizin from a night drop, Crane destroys it on orders from the GRE, but takes a vial for himself before doing so. The vial is never brought up or mentioned again. It could have been an excellent last-minute save at the end of the game when Crane and Jade are forced by Rais to choose who will receive a life-saving dose of the drug.
    • it is probably taken from him when he is captured by Rais' men
    • Probably just a Red Herring
      • Related to that mission-why the hell didn't Crane just hide the Antizin crates in one of the other safe zones instead of destroying them and then tell everyone at the tower that there was no antizin and go see Rais? That would've made a hell of a lot more sense.
      • It's part of Crane's development over the course of the game. At first he's very by the book and doesn't question his orders, thinking in an incredibly rigid way. This is also putting aside how quickly night was falling - though in terms of game mechanics you can lug around the content of a crate no problem, "realistically" he'd be lugging a huge crate with him in pitch black night not knowing what he's up against.
  • At one point Crane is sent to Infamy Bridge to retrieve some super UV bulbs to shore up the defence of the tower, only he is told to do so at night so he knows which ones aren't burnt out, why is he told to do it that way? 2 ways to do so are just grab the bulbs, it isn't exactly hard to tell a burnt out bulb from a good one, or wait nearby in a safe zone and look to see which bulbs are on and which aren;t and go grab in the morning, I know it isn't as video gamey, but id rather scout out which are burnt out then wait until morning than, risk volatiles ripping my face off.
    • To be fair, you can do that quest during the day. Pulling out burned out bulbs just gives you a little shock.
  • How is it that Rais doesn't have 0% Approval Rating?? I mean, he's obviously acting like a warlord, he cut off an allies arm when he's finally met, he shoots a guy for drinking from a bottle of whine while on guard duty, he forces Crane to be a loan shark to him for a promised two crates of Antizin (He only gives five vials), and he shoots two of his body guards for him getting punched by Crane. And that's not even going over the fact he deliberately turns his own people into infected just to give Crane a challenge at the end. Sure, when you first go to Rais' base one of his goons comments Breckin's an ass, but I think I'd rather be with Breckin then Rais at this point, or at least act all The Starscream on his ass.
    • Uh, I mean fear? The "better to be feared than loved" quote is given for a reason. Yeah, it sucks for Crane that he's having to go all this stuff and gets screwed over. That said, the majority of people are in no place to challenge Crane. He's stronger, better equipped, has a lot of people loyal to him, and so forth. No to mention that a lot of people doubt Breckin will last very long, as seen in the Prodigal Son quest.
  • Crane had a specific reason for going, but in general why would anyone want to take the risk of going from the slums to Old Town, to the point that an underground railroad business could be set up?
  • What are the Volatiles doing in their nests with all the dead bodies?
    • Mainly an atmospheric/level design element, intended to shock and intimidate the player. In-universe, one could infer that the Volatiles like to stockpile bodies to eat. They could also be showing some predator behaviours that emerge in prey-rich environments, killing more prey than necessary for sustenance, either to indulge the hunting instinct or to streamline nutritional choices to the "good bits".
  • Why on earth was Crane even considering offering Jade over to Rais for some antizin? When that offer was suggested to Crane, Rais backed out of his deal twice already, and when he finally gave antazin, it was nowhere near the promised amount. What would make Crane think that Rais would hold up his end of the bargain this time?
    • Crane wasn't on board with it, and immediately tells his handlers as much. Unlike earlier when he obediently destroys the Antizin drop, he argues with the GRE contact ("I'm not a fucking human trafficker!") about the Jade deal and never actually agrees to do it. Although later dialogue indicates Crane was planning to pitch the deal to Jade, ultimately the working relationships involved (Crane-GRE and Crane-Rais) both break down before it can be demonstrated whether Crane would have gone through with it under any circumstances.

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