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Fridge Brilliance

  • How is Crane able to carry all those weapons and Vendor Trash, Hammerspace aside? Look closely at what gives you back your inventory the both times you're stripped of it. It's Crane's bag from the Tower. It's also present at every safe zone you go to, which means that Crane is constantly carrying it and putting all his unequipped stuff inside. That's how he is able to run with his "inventory" full.
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  • Ever wonder why there are so many different accents in Harran, despite it being (supposedly) in Turkey? Harran was scheduled to host a sporting event known as the Harran Global Games. If it is anything like the Olympics, that means a whole bunch of people from a variety of countries would be coming to Harran to see the games, and then the outbreak hit, stranding them all there.
  • The opening sequence spoils a major plot twist if you sit down and think about it. Kyle is told that the file he has to retrieve is an experimental, but unfinished and highly toxic, cure for the Harran virus which, if leaked, will result in the deaths of thousands. But that's impossible - Any cure would be too hard for a regular person to synthesize and the number of living people that even have the virus is extremely small, with the GRE knowing every single one of them outside Harran. There's almost nobody that would be jeopardized by the file being leaked! It should then come as no surprise that the GRE was lying about the contents of the file.

Fridge Horror

  • Yusuf, an early quest NPC you catch peddling fake Antizin has blotched skin over his face. Is this due to his hinted at drug addiction or because he's been using the fake Antizin himself and is turning?
    • Double Fridge Horror : He was infected but the atypical mix of medicines used in the fake Antizin slowed and twisted his symptoms so when he collapsed and was taken to a sickbay on 18th floor, Lena failed to notice him turning. Hence the 18th Floor Outbreak.
    • However, after you deal with the person who creates fake Antizin, it is mentioned by Lena that Yusuf left the Tower

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