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Tear Jerker / Dragon Booster

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  • In the first episode, when Artha and Lance can't find their father and realize he must have died in the explosion of course, he didn't, but they didn't know that for two seasons while he went Stealth Mentor on them.
  • Moordryd in Pride of a Hero reacts very, very strongly to his father saying "I'm impressed...I'm even...proud" to the point of snapping out of insanity. The sheer shock in his voice when he asked word for confirmation, and then his attempt to stop his own plan just from hearing those words...not only did it solidify that he's a serious "Well Done, Son!" Guy, but it made you wonder if Word's ever seemed proud of him.
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  • Moordryd again in Wraith Booster wandering the streets full of frozen citizens and then finding Lance, who wouldn't have been frozen if Moordryd hadn't flipped out on the kid and left him behind. Then things get worse when Moordryd goes to get his crew-mates to stop his father, only to find them, including his best friend, frozen too.

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