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Fridge Logic

  • Okay, most of the times the wraith dragons attacked Artha during the game in the finale could have been explained away as accidents or Artha messing up himself due to his injury. Moordryd then, fed up with his father's cheating, plants himself (no dragon, just himself) directly between a wraith and a crawling Artha (he somehow knew where the wraith was). He is knocked to the ground. Reiteration: a healthy, six-foot-tall teenager is standing on open ground and is somehow flung ten feet away. How did the officials not realize something was going on? Are the Academy Officials Too Dumb to Live? Wraiths are an accepted part of city life by now. Sure, not everyone knows Word is the guy controlling them, but it's clear that something is not right in the tournament final.
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  • Some people, after reading the fan book and official info, theorize that only Down City and maybe Mid City have dealt with wraiths, and people from Sun City, like the Academy Officials, might not know about them. That doesn't mean it wasn't obvious that something was wrong, though. I mean, it hit wallbanger when Moordryd was knocked down by an invisible force and no one did anything.

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