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Tear Jerker / Ayakashi: Romance Reborn

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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. Be warned.

     Dawn Book I 
  • The end of Dawn Book I. Akiyasu’s betrayal is bad enough, but then Mototaka takes a hex to save his daughter.
    • Mototaka then has a Disney Death in every Dawn Book II other than Koga’s. It hits hard, especially since the heroine believes her father is really dead and goes through a painful grieving process.

     Dawn Book II 

Koga's Route

  • The true nature of Koga’s illness. He’s still haunted by the fact that he accidentally killed Masanobu’s older brother.
    • It’s revealed that he feels so hopeless about it that he’s asked Kuya to kill him if he ever loses control again. Luckily, the heroine’s love is able to bring him to his senses.
  • The heroine regains her memory of how she died in her previous life. Koga’s past incarnation was there, and he was begging her to hold on. Koga still remembers this one lifetime later and is haunted by how he failed to save her.
    • Just before that, the past heroine returned to her home only to find that her family and their servants had all been killed. Twilight Book I elaborates more on how this happened.

Kuya's Route

  • Kuya gets possessed by Taira no Masakado, then Akiyasu sends him to the Netherworld and the heroine follows after him, because she can't lose anyone else.

Ginnojo's Route

  • badly Ginnojo misses his Shinsengumi comrades. He carries a photo of himself and Hijikata around, and his grief is so deep that he doesn't really care if he dies in battle...until he find himself in love with the heroine.

Aoi's Route

  • Doubles as nightmare fuel: Akiyasu forces the heroine into a dream where she never met Aoi. Things get worse and worse for her in the dream, culminating in her father's execution. At this point, she is in such despair that she's wiling to give Akiyasu her soul. Thank goodness Aoi invaded the dream and got through to her.

Yura's Route

  • Yura’s curse. It was originally intended for Gaku, but he wasn’t able to endure it and almost died. Yura took the curse in his stead, and if he doesn’t keep using his song of death, Gaku will take the curse again and die.
    • Near the end of his route, the heroine goes to the “cursed plane” and meets the manifestation of Yura’s guilt that he locked away. Yura pretends that killing animals is justified since it keeps Gaku alive, but in truth, he feels awful about all the lives he’s taken.
  • When Mototaka is found alive in this route, he's in a coma because his soul has been separated from his body. Yura and Gaku are able save him with their music, but there's a moment where it seems not to have worked. It's heartbreaking to see the heroine begin mourning her father all over again.

     Twilight Book I 
  • A soldier in Aizen's headquarters encounters Kuro and yells "Monster!" at him.
  • Toichiro's former life. He killed the heroine's brother at his request, to save him from going mad. The other Ayakashi didn't understand this and assumed Toichiro did it out of malice.

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