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Nightmare Fuel / Ayakashi: Romance Reborn

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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. Be warned.

     Dawn Book II 

Koga's Route

  • Kyonosuke gives the heroine an ultimatum: either be owned by the government, becoming their sole Onmyoji and having her life as it is now erased, or die.
  • At the end of this route, Kyonosuke attacks Koga repeatedly. He continues to fight Koga until the carnage is unleashed, then proceeds to call him a "beast," like he thinks all oni truly are. Kyonosuke keeps attacking after that, because for some reason he really wants to kill Koga.

Aoi's Route

  • The heroine’s neighbors read a newspaper article that Akiyasu helped get published. It claims that she is behind the “red eye” phenomenon by drugging people. Her house gets mobbed with angry people. If that wasn’t bad enough, this is also part of Akiyasu’s scheme to drive the heroine to despair.
  • Doubles as a tear jerker: Akiyasu forces the heroine into a dream where she never met Aoi. Things get worse and worse for her in the dream, culminating in her father's execution. At this point, she is in such despair that she's wiling to give Akiyasu her soul. Thank goodness Aoi invaded the dream and got through to her.
  • Akiyasu getting possessed by Taira no Masakado. Holy hell. There is something quite unnerving about those not fully red eyes.
    • Due to the animation being slowed down by technical restraints (the wraith is moving behind him as he is moving himself), it (likely inadvertedly) makes him in this state all the more creepy.
    • The very first time we've seen someone possessed by a wraith, their movements were odd, jerky, violent and strange. This time, we see that there is still a portion of Akiyasu controlling his body, if small. It is enough to interrupt the wraith for a few seconds, speaking a few (desperate) lines before roaring again.

Yura’s Route

  • Doman Ashiya, the Onmyoji who cursed Yura, is seriously creepy. He takes joy in the fact that Yura has to kill animals, and he’s sadistically gleeful when the hex returns to Gaku and Gaku is literally dying. Not to mention the fact that Doman’s human body is long dead and his current one is made from clay, making him a Creepy Doll.
  • Taira no Masakado's wraith appears as a huge, spiraling pillar of dark energy that sucks other wraiths into it.
  • Yura is told by Doman that he can lift the curse if he kills the heroine. He almost does it—then the heroine talks him down by reminding him how bad Gaku would feel if Yura did this to save him. Yura, understandably, feels really bad about the whole thing. Oh, and Doman has fun tormenting Yura like this.
  • Much of the cursed plane scene is this.
    • When Yura’s guilt appears before the heroine, animal bones suddenly lie at his feet, and the flowers she’s holding also turn into animal bones.
    • The black-haired Yura actually stabs the heroine through the chest. It’s only a dream world, so she’s not actually harmed, but still.

     Twilight Book I 
  • Hisui is quite a violent character, who will attack any human in her way (like Tatsuomi), and mind-controls Ayakashi to do her bidding.
    • She tries to cast a spell on Gaku only for Kuro to take the bullet. As a result, Kuro briefly loses his mind as he shifts into his true form and attacks Gaku. Luckily Gaku is able to free him from Hisui's control.
  • The heroine investigates where Oji goes by himself every night and runs into a terrifying wraith made up of a lot of wraiths tied together.
  • Oji's arrest. The government only took him because they needed to blame someone for the red-eye scare. Everyone who knows Oji knows there's no way he's behind it.
  • During the first confrontation with Kagemaru, Hisui begins to tell everyone the Senkitai's plans—then Kagemaru tells her to "stop blabbing" and gags her with his spider web. The heroine is shocked that he attacked his own ally.
  • The discovery that, in his former life, Toichiro killed the heroine's brother. It's quite shocking prior to the reveal of his reason.

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