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Tear Jerker / Alex Rider

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  • Yassen's speech to Alex to try and be normal at the end of Book One, to not let MI-6 use him. And then he gets shot by Damian Cray after refusing to kill Alex and Sabina in Eagle Strike. The guy doesn't get a break where his Morality Pet is concerned.
  • CIA Agents Troy and Carver getting Impaled with Extreme Prejudice by a Durable Deathtrap while exploring a hidden entrance into Sarov's island. Alex has to piece together what's happened, and he barely has time to process it before having to fight off a shark and getting drugged by Sarov's men.
    • What's worst is that they're all posing as a family, and while they're pretending Alex wonders what it would be like if it were the real thing.
    • Troy gets a moment where she admits she's being a Jerkass to Alex is because he's the same age as her nephews, and it freaks her out that someone as young as him is in the field.
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  • General Sarov's suicide at the end of Skeleton Key. All he wanted was for Alex to be his son. Denied that (and on another level, his master plan), he kills himself rather than Alex, as he has nothing left to live for.
  • Jack's death. It doesn't help that the point of view directly before it happens is switched to Jack's, describing her attempted getaway, giving the reader some hope that she might actually succeed. Alex's reaction made it even more heartbreaking, because this is the first time we actually see him outright lose his cool - and the first time we even see him cry, for that matter. Hell, he actually blacks out as a result of his grief. It shows how much she really meant to him, and how much her presence kept him together. Strengthened by the fact that it was also a Never Got to Say Goodbye moment and was done solely to torture Alex emotionally.
    • And then at the end, when Razim is dead, Alex is found kneeling by the exploded car she died in...
  • Alex calling out for Mrs Jones when he's been shot at the end of Scorpia.
  • Alex being told the truth about his parents at the end of Scorpia. It is one of the few times Alan Blunt ever displays emotion of any kind, there being audible pain in his voice towards the end, and the only time he actually tries to comfort anyone:
    "Your parents died together, Alex. I suppose that's something of a mercy. And it would all have been so quick. They wouldn't have had any idea..."

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