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Heartwarming / Alex Rider

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  • Sabina's surprise visit/invitation at the end of Skeleton Key lifting Alex out of his depressive state.
  • After learning in Eagle Strike that Alex is planning to investigate Damian Cray on his own after MI6 refuses to take him seriously, Smithers sends him some backup in the form of a specially modified bicycle with half a dozen gadgets built in, despite knowing he will probably get into serious trouble with his employers for doing so.
    • At the end of Eagle Strike, it turns out that although Blunt refused to take Alex seriously, Mrs Jones did continue to keep tabs on Damian Cray, thinking that whilst Alex could be mistaken, it was absolutely unthinkable he would have made it up.
  • Alex finding a note from Jack in his pocket in Scorpia.
    That made him smile. It seemed it had been a long time since anything had happened to cheer him up.
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  • Also in Scorpia, after the fighting is over, Alex peacefully floating home on the hot air balloon.
  • Alex admiring the view of the Earth from Ark Angel.

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