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  • In Book 2, Alex refuses flat-out to go back into Point Blanc. Cue Wolf pulling a bit of Reverse Psychology, telling Mrs. Jones that Alex is too young and weak to do it. Alex insists that he's strong enough, he's tough enough, he can do it...and then realizing exactly what he said.
  • In book 4, when Alex is imprisoned with Sabina.
    "I'm glad you're here," Alex said.
    Sabina looked at him. "I'm not."
  • Alex sulking over going to the dentist in "A Taste of Death" and bickering with Jack.
    ‘Why are you in such a bad mood?” Jack asked as the carriage doors slid shut behind them.
    “I’m not,” Alex replied.
    “It’s only once a year and if you don’t look after your teeth now, you’ll regret it when you’re older.”
    “Now you sound like my nanny!”
    “I am your nanny. Sort of…”
    “Well, you certainly didn’t need to come with me. I could find my way there on my own.”
    “Of course I had to come with you, Alex. And if you don’t stop complaining, I’m going to insist on holding your hand when we get to the surgery.”
    Alex spent the rest of the journey in grumpy silence. He had decided that Jack was as bad in her own way as the hideous Nadia Vole (last seen suffocating and being stung to death beneath a giant jelly fish) while in his view [his dentist] Mr McNeil had all the charm and attractiveness of the hired killer, Yassen Gregorovich. Meanwhile, Jack was refusing to sympathise.
    “Forget it, Alex,” Jack protested. “You can’t eat chocolate cake five minutes before you go into the dentist.”
    Alex’s heart sank. […] “I’m only taking it for later,” he said.
    “You may not be able to eat it. After you’ve been drilled!”
    “I bet you a fiver I don’t need a filling.”
    “I’ll bet you the cake.”

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