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Nightmare Fuel / Alex Rider

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For what was supposedly a kid's book series, it packed a lot of this, and it's described in extremely fine detail.

  • Point Blanc: Grief's plans for Alex are to dissect him. Alive.
    • The way Michael J. Roscoe dies. Imagine leaving your office, walking into the elevator only to find no floor and fall to your death.
  • Skeleton Key: Alex running into a great white shark and being almost completely helpless to escape it, constantly thinking Oh, Crap! and with nothing to defend himself with apart from a knife., followed by the shark being caught in Sarov's Death Trap. Then after that, we see Conrad trying to torture Alex with the mill's grinder.
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  • Scorpia: The English reserve team literally dropping dead, and up until later on in the book, no one even knows how.
  • Ark Angel: A soccer player takes a shower while wearing a caesium medallion covered in wax. Due to the material it's made out of, the hot water ends up melting the wax, and then the medallion explodes and kills him.
  • Snakehead: Similar to Grief above, Dr. Tanner plans to donate Alex's organs to science...just not Alex himself.
  • Crocodile Tears: Desmond McCain's form of questioning Alex? Forcing him to hang onto a ladder with his bare hands as he's dangling over a pit full of crocodiles. And then he leaves him there to die. He doesn't, obviously, but the whole chapter involving this scene is crude.
    • The Poison Dome, so named for holding the most toxic creatures and plant life known to man, where not having the proper gear will get you killed (unless you're Alex, but even then he doesn't come out unscathed, getting his finger seared by a poisonous spider's webbing). Not helped by the loving detail the tour guide describes its inhabitants.
  • Scorpia Rising: A shootout in a public museum with kids cowering and screaming as they scramble for cover in the first chapter. It isn't helped by how it comes about either, what with Ariston's fervert desire to return the Elgin Marbles to Greece, how he calls up the Big Bad of the series Zeljan Kurst, and him stating that Kurst has his blessing to kill half of Britain just to achieve that goal.
    • Then we meet Razim and his experiments, what with the man's desire to create a measurement of unit of pain, his nonchalant, fascinated attitude towards his goal, and the loving description of his backstory.
      • To cap off the horrors Razim brings, his death is no slouch, where he falls into a pile of salt, and is then crushed by the weight, dragged into the salt, and is basically cooked alive.
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    • Gunter's death. After Alex asks for a cigarette, he grabs the pack and casually opens it. And then discovers that Alex hid a scorpion inside of it...

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