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  • In "Run", Nimah compares Shelby's markmanship skills to the American Sniper movie.
  • In "Kill", Shelby calls Alex as "The Terminator".
    • Ryan also references Quentin Tarantino's brand of over-the-top violence during the hostage situation exercise when he asks Alex if she is going to "Tarantino down the hall, guns blazing."
  • In "Go", Elias comments that the bomb in the class and being locked in is like the Saw movies.
  • In the winter finale, Caleb compares his family to Game of Thrones. Repeatedly.
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  • Eric's suicide is similar to that of Gomer Pyle's.
  • During the scene in Hogan's Alley where Asher proves rather competent with weapon usage and hostage identification:
    Caleb: When did Harry Potter become James Bond?
  • In "Alex", Caleb references USA Network psychological thriller Mr. Robot when he says during the hostage situation exercise "I've still got my Mr. Robot swagger from my analyst days."
  • Alex calls Shelby Kylo Ren prior to their NAT graduation.
  • Aspects of the Season 2 arc are reminiscent of Die Hard: Alex numbers the terrorists on her arm, and then, as with McClane's provocation of Hans by sending Karl's dead body with a message, Alex sends the terrorists a message by letting a dead body crash through the ceiling of the room where the hostages are kept. Further reminiscent of the movie is Lydia's use of the terrorist attack as a cover to steal something valuable while the authorities are distracted.

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