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    Season 1 
  • Alex using her FBI training to stay alive while outwitting her FBI comrades and superiors gunning for her.
  • Miranda's Big Damn Heroes moment when she bails Alex out in "Pilot".
    • Shelby's marksmanship skills that she was compared to the American Sniper movie by Nimah.
  • The reveal in "America" that the Amin twins were recruited for a cover test to see if twins are viable FBI agents in potential operations.
  • Alex finding Simon's house after the latter was kicked out of the academy.
  • Alex arranging for a hacker group to get her story out to the public, not worried at all about the Bureau tracing the interview because she's doing it in the basement of a mosque and also called the news, resulting in a PR nightmare if they actually tried to bust in.
  • Simon disarming the fake bomb in Quantico.
  • The Hogan's Alley matchup between Alex and her class against the upper class.
  • Raina continuing to demonstrate that even though Nimah is the sister that wanted to be an FBI agent, she was in a lot of ways better at it by convincing Charlie to talk to her.
  • In "Clear", while all of the trainees fail the cultivating human intelligence test, Raina, who sat out the test, succeeds in reality.
  • Raina and Nimah completing the crossing the border test by Raina pretending to be Nimah and the two of them just walking through security.
  • Drew telling Simon to break his finger when they were tied together so they could escape, then proceeding to stay behind in a room rigged with explosives so that he could warn Alex.
  • Simon taking the nuke out of Quantico before it could blow up the facility.

    Season 2 
  • Alex and Ryan framing Harry Doyle and nearly getting him permanently kicked out of the CIA.
  • Alex breaking herself out from confinement, even if she has to dislocate her shoulder in the process.
  • When Raina walks into her apartment and finds two people apparently in the middle of setting her up for something, it takes both of them to subdue her.
    • The reveal in the next episode that they didn't subdue her at all, and she managed to get away, as well as the more understated reveal that she'd been working with Leon to piece together and bring to light the truth of what happened at the G20 summit. Raina may have been out of the FBI for more than a year at this point, but she's still just as well trained as any of the others.
  • Felix may be working against the protagonists, but he got his own crowning moment of awesome when he not only sent the team on a wild goose chase trying to sway Congresspeople that were never going to vote no on the Muslim registry bill, but managed to use their actions to convince the actual undecided voters to vote yes and weaken Claire's presidency by ensuring the bill got to her to veto.
  • President Haas manages to undercut the House Speaker's attempt to put himself in position of political advantage, and makes a speech warning Americans not to trust someone who insists on autocratic forms of government.

    Season 3 
  • Jocelyn Turner, who is deaf, handily shuts down Ryan's kvetching, and Owen Hall backs her up all the way. She also lends her unique insight in using her non-hearing senses to "fill in the gaps" left by her loss of hearing, and as a result, picks up on elements of Shelby's hostage video that would otherwise have been ignored.

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