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  • Why are Alex's FBI-agent friends losing their shit over being surveilled? They had to have some notion of the fact that Liam would want them tailed on general principle, even if Alex was in a position to okay or nix it.
    • 'Cause they risked their careers nearly being axed to help Alex prove that she's not a terrorist.
    • However, wasn't it strange that, in the very next episode, both Nimah and Natalie were working side by side with Alex once again like nothing happened while Shelby was not?
      • Hmmm... They most likely placed it aside to go after the bigger picture. Even at that, maybe a scene or two of them trying to close that part should've been there.
      • I also think that Shelby wasn't with the others because she was probably still upset that her affair with Clayton was exposed because of the surveillance.
  • Is Elias the 'traitor' referred to in the series' synopsis? Because if he is, that's really the most disappointing (and also kinda homophobic) road to take...
    • Could be partially. I think some viewers didn't like this approach.
    • Anyone reading this after the finale knows that Liam is the actual traitor and so need not worry.
  • Why are Nimah and Caleb considered as passing the 'sacrifice' (more like suicide bomber) test if they just stood around? And why didn't anyone attempt an evacuation or something that isn't either extreme?
    • There is a difference between sacrifice and needless sacrifice. Yes, they want agents to be willing to die for their country if need be. But they also have a bigger job, which is to protect the American public. A middle ground would be having a core group of agents attempt to defuse the bomb, but evacuate the others with useful information about the bomb, such as construction and materials.
  • Why was Nimah so harsh on Simon in "Quantico"? We saw that she was against what Simon did to Langston in the previous episode, but the next episode spun her character 180 degrees in the opposite direction and turned her into a bully who not only made Simon relive and reveal a moment in his life that he wanted to forget, but sneered when Simon broke down in front of the class...all because he tried to do the right thing.
    • Plot convenience. Which I think can explain a LOT of Quantico's failures as a show.
  • Why is Alex apparently the only one convinced that Elias didn't act alone? Do the bombings really look like a one-man job? Or is the show's FBI just that stupid?
    • Apparently the FBI didn't find any proof. And lost all its logic in the bombings.
      • The season finale strongly suggests that Liam was just THAT good at covering their tracks.
  • Why is Ryan so upset about Alex switching her position at the congressional hearing? He was mad that she adopted his truth, not the real truth. Wasn't he basically saying, when he visited Alex at her apartment, that the real truth was that Elias acted alone and that she should let the conspiracy go, which is what she said at the hearing? I know she might have lied, but she said what everyone (especially Ryan) wanted to hear and people turn against her?
    • I think they're upset that she doesn't believe that it's the truth, even though she was right. As we've seen in the past, this bunch isn't the smartest or the most willing to go to any lengths to find out the truth (showing that this show's FBI is a total joke), and some have also petty personal reasons (like Shelby).
    • Hannah also inexplicably accuses Alex of lying to the committee once she finds out about the Voice, despite the fact that Alex said that she'd found no evidence that Elias hadn't acted alone, not that she didn't believe it, and at the time, that was perfectly true.
  • The biggest Headscratcher of all: Why is this show so adamant about frustrating the hell out of us with things such as unlikeable characters and the idiocy of its FBI?
  • Was Shelby really so foolish as to spend fifteen years sending millions of dollars to Samar without bothering to get any proof she was her half-sister? Surely someone so rich would know of a con like this and at least get a DNA test or someone to check out the truth first rather than assuming her dad kept another daughter a total secret until after his death
    • It can be chalked up to Shelby so desperate to cling to any family that she wanted to believe in Samar's story. The way she kept denying it and then came apart when Caleb finally exposed Samar hints that, deep down, Shelby always knew it was too good to be true but wanted to keep to the illusion nontheless.
  • What was the use of Simon's ruse, especially faking being gay? I know they had the whole tirade from Elias, but then they undid it all with the finale reveal, making this show come off and unintentionally homophobic. Not to mention, it accomplished precisely zilch.
    • Simon confessed that his IDF CO did things that are in violation of the IDF Code of Conduct. He didn't say what though, except that his CO went rogue.
  • Why would Alex bring Simon to the handoff with the Voice? That blows the one advantage she's still got if there is any confrontation down the line, because the Voice just demanded that Simon go with Will.
  • How did Simon recognize Drew when they woke up tied to each other? Simon got kicked out of Quantico well before the two classes were introduced. When would they have met?
    • It's possible that Drew heard about Simon through work at the security company he was employed with after he left Quantico, which is what Simon's job was after he was expelled from Quantico as well.
  • The FBI kicks Alex out because she's 'too recognizable'. Does the FBI in this world only conduce undercover operations? And why, if she's so recognizable, does the CIA want to employ her?
    • Turns out that "Kudove" gave the answer that it's just a fake attempt to get her inside the CIA.
  • With the airing of the season finale, why is this show making it so convenient for us to hate Shelby so much? I mean, each passing episode is giving us another reason to dislike her.
  • Why was Shelby bumping into Alex in public? A two second Google search easily revealed who she really was.
  • Why is Ryan acting like the people he knew from The Farm aren't going to know he has a plan of action against them? He knows them and they know him. If anything the way the story seems to be shaping up, he got recruited to the secret group and Alex didn't.
  • At the end of "Stescalade" what's the point of Alex remaining in disguise if she basically said she was coming for the CLF terrorists after throwing a dead body through the glass ceiling of the room the hostages were in? Wouldn't they become suspicious of anyone in a costume?
    • It could be that she plans to purposely sow discord for this reason - if anyone in a terrorist outfit could be her, they might deviate from their game plan and this would work to her benefit.
    • As of "Kubark", it's as though that shocking turn of events didn't even happen. Why are the terrorists not frantically rushing after the shit-stirrer in their midst?
      • Probably 'cause they got something else up their sleeve. Just a theory.
  • Alex, normally so careful not to be spotted meeting Shelby or otherwise appearing to be anything but an ex-FBI agent turned CIA trainee, meets with Shelby and Owen openly in a pub known to be frequented by other trainees, some of whom are in the AIC. Why has she taken leave of her senses?
  • Is Shelby going to try and bed the whole Haas family? Because so far, she's got all the men, aka the late Clayton, Caleb and his brother Clay, so the C-Men (how ironically appropriate). Only the wife/mother and terrorist accomplice Claire and daughter/sister Cassandra (they do love that C- motif, don't they?) are left, and with how outright crazy this show is I doubt they wouldn't end up there...
  • Why was Shelby so angry with Nimah about the events of the G20 but not with Ryan? He was there with Nimah the entire time. On a similar note, why did Clay spend the entirety of Mockingbird being suspicious of Nimah, ignoring her contributions, and pushing her to the sidelines while not only not doing that to Ryan but also having taken Nimah's side on an issue over Shelby's in the previous episode?
  • Alex, Deep and Harry don't show signs of getting worse and worse as they try to get Gracie patched up, even though Deep says they only have a few more hours.

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