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  • Jesus, Bro! is an overtly self-aware parody of Christian cinema. Because of that, there are various references to films of that genre.
    • The film's name and Willy's Title Drop are both references to the famous ending scene-turned-meme of the 1992 Christian drama Second Glance.
    "Hey Scotty. Jesus, man!"
    "Hey! Jesus, bro!"
    • When Rick asks Willy who he can force people to convert to Christianity, Wally shows him his "war room", a closet filled with Christian paraphernalia and a VHS copy of Platoon, and tells him to make his own closet and pray for what he wants. Rick does so and is magically able to make people who disagree with him to spontaneously combust using his prayers. This is a reference to the 2015 film War Room, where the protagonist Elizabeth Jordan is told by Miss Clara Williams to make a war room and pray for her husband to stop cheating on her. Just as she does this, her husband contracts food poisoning during his date with his mistress, implying that God answered her prayer.
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    • Burton Burpo, the man who published the book Jesus is Totes Real, Yo after meeting Santa Christ in a near-death experience, is an obvious reference to Colton Burpo and his father Todd Burpo from Heaven Is for Real.
    • In one scene, Rick and Carlos bring their cups up to their mouth so that the audience cannot see their mouths as they talk, even drawing attention to it as they do. This is a reference to a particular scene in the 2014 Mockumentary Saving Christmas, where two characters do the very same, their audio ADRed in post production.
    • The restaurant scene with Dan and Elizabeth is mentioned by Brad Jones in a pre-release clip that the scene is a parody of scenes typically found in Christian films like God's Not Dead and Do You Believe? where the Hollywood Atheist character does something rude, arrogant and condescending for no good reason.
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    • In the scene where Rick meets Santa Christ, Rick asks Santa Christ why Heaven looks like a sound stage. Santa Christ tells him that "if all the world's a stage... why not Heaven?" In the The Cinema Snob review of I'm Not Ashamed, the titular character breaks character to explain that the fact that the same line quoted from As You Like It in Jesus, Bro! and I'm Not Ashamed was a complete accident, filming of that scene having transpired before Brad even saw I'm Not Ashamed.
    • Willy explains that he and his fiance are making sure that they stay as far away from each other as possible, refusing to be in the same state as her until they marry in the four corners. This is an absurd mocking of the 2015 film Old Fashioned, where the main protagonist refuses to be alone in the same room as a woman that he isn't married to (such a thing considered by the film to be "old fashioned, but charming" and not "psychopathic and rapey").
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  • In the beginning, Rick rants about how his favorite restaurant "Christ Chicken" is closed on Sundays. This is an obvious jab at Chick-fil-A, a restaurant chain founded by devout Baptist S. Truett Cathy that closes on Sundays. The name itself is a reference to Church's Chicken.

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