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Always over the horizon.
Horizonte ("Horizon") is a Spanish television program created and directed by Iker Jiménez of Cuarto Milenio fame. The program expands on the latter's more grounded reportages, and puts focus on topics of politics, science, journalism, psychology and other fields deemed necessary to understand modern society. It is broadcast since 2020, a run that has seen it receive multiple retools from its original concept until its current iteration.

The program dues its existence to the COVID-19 Pandemic, which Cuarto Milenio mediatically analyzed by gathering several boards of scientists and medical experts. Back when mainstream Spanish media insisted COVID would not amount to anything more than a couple cases on the country, the program's guests raised alarms after reviewing scientific data and made an unfortunately accurate prediction about the dire effects the pandemic would have on Spain, which first got all of them popularly labelled as paranoids and trolls before everybody realized how right they had been all along. When Cuarto Milenio had to stop its broadcast due to COVID, many worried that they had been pulled off by the Spanish government for making them look bad (as in lethally bad), so there was much rejoicing when the program later returned with a couple specials about the pandemic, one of them named Horizon.


The success of the venture granted Jiménez a new weekly program that would run paralell to Cuarto Milenio, created exclusively to divulgate data about COVID and its safety measures. The show, aptly named Informe COVID con Iker Jiménez ("COVID Report with Iker Jiménez"), was broadcast in TV channel Telecinco to rave ratings, and eventually adopted the composite name of Horizonte: Informe COVID before becoming solely Horizonte. With most of the informative work done, and with Telecinco now obsessed with engaging rival Antena 3 on the Turkish Drama field, the program was later relegated to Cuatro, Cuarto Milenio's own channel, where it expanded its reach to the topics referred above while retaining a section focused on the pandemic. It soon gained a new reputation for its amusingly heated yet surprisingly cabal political debates, often including opinion makers of the Spanish YouTube sphere.


This series has examples of:

  • Cool Old Guy:
    • Antonio Miguel Carmona, the Air Force lieutenant turned politician turned journalist, plays this role officially as one of the most recurrent guests.
    • After Carmona stopped appearing due to his new schedule, Dr. José Cabrera, the lively forensics doctor from Cuarto Milenio's old times took his place.
  • The Quiet One: Though not directly seen onscreen, one of the guests, Juan Carlos Girauta, was nicknamed by Jiménez as "The Silent One" due to his apparently quiet demeanor when off air.
  • Spin-Off: From Cuarto Milenio, particularly a two-parter named Origen and Horizonte.
  • The Stoic: Founding member Pablo Fuente rarely deviates from his formal, stone-faced register.