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Roleplay / Welcome to Death's Alliance

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A roleplay found on Gaia Online. The original thread can be found here.

Set in the year 2063 in France, Welcome to Death's Alliance is about two rivaling organizations composed of eclectic groups of different races. Both groups aspire to rid the world of rogues, powerful and insane monsters that were once perfectly sane, average humans, elves, demons, or >insert race of choice here<. However, the first group, Death's Alliance, which the RP is named after does this to save humans while trying to find a cure for the rogue gene. The second group, Hitsgal Mitsurch does it quite frankly, so that they can outdo Death's Alliance while causing any desired havoc along the way for Death's Alliance to later have to clean up. Both groups are lead by incredibly powerful noblemen and their partners in crime.


Tropes found in Welcome to Death's Alliance

  • Berserk Button: Mention the people who killed any member of Alex's family and he flies off the handle.
  • Crazy Homeless People: should refrain from attacking Lord Lephrum, unless they desire to be his next meal.
  • Cuddle Bug: Whether feeling sad, lonely or happy, Luka just loves to have human contact.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Alex. Having your loved ones killed will darken up any backstory.
  • Dating Catwoman: Could also be referenced by Love Pentagons or Webs considering the massive display of characters and their relationships. Shhh~ this is a supa-secret-life-or-death scenario. But could it be considered betrayal to the Head?
  • Fallen Hero: Alix's mentor Irene, who turned into a rogue and proceeded to slaughter a whole village full of innocent people. Lots more potential for this trope considering every character in the roleplay has the "rogue-gene" making it inevitable that they all turn into rogues at some point unless a cure is discovered.
  • Freudian Excuse: Alix not only had to watch her whole family get murdered, and then kill her beloved mentor who transformed into a rogue and killed a bunch of people, but was also contained in an asylum for about three years where she was drugged 90% of the time to keep her from breaking free. Hard to come out of that with one's mind perfectly intact.
  • Hates Everyone Equally: Shiraha doesn't care who he is talking to. They are all just tools to him.
  • Immortal Life Is Cheap : Already on his seventh or eighth body, Shiraha is not one to stay down.
  • Light Is Not Good: Better not be awestruck by Shiraha's holy powers because he is about to do something very unholy with them.
  • Perpetual Expression: For Alex, an uninterested stare.
  • Psychopathic Womanchild:
    • Without a firm grasp on right and wrong, killing seems like a game to Luka, especially because it is her job. She doesn't think about the consequences of her actions, which leads to her killing as a form of punishment.
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    • Despite being pretty intelligent, perceptive, and a brilliant actress, maturity is not one of Alix's strong suits. She treats every victim like a toy, and breaks them until they can't be broken further. Not to mention the only way she knows to handle negative feelings (betrayal, grief, jealousy, sadness, etc.) is by killing things...

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