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Biohazard is a Resident Evil Quest created by Darkandus.

It's 1995, 27 years after the founding of the Umbrella Corporation. Yet still three years before the infamous Racoon city outbreak. A dead-end facility in the European Umbrella branch has just received its latest test subject, a child's charred almost-corpse infected with a new strain of the T-virus, tentatively referred to as Subject MEAT.

The catch? This infested corpse is under the control of readers and users.


Plan out and direct the actions of Subject Meat, from evolving her unique strain of the T-Virus to learning new skills. Also 'interact' with (Scare the hell out of) the various colourful and interesting characters that populate the facility.

All the while avoiding termination, liquidation, vaporisation and any other variates of deaths that might actually work on a zombie.

This quest started back in May 2017. It subsequently went on a long hiatus, but has begun receiving somewhat regular updates again since February 2019.

Read it here.


Tropes include:

  • Amnesiac Hero: Subject MEAT doesn't have any memories of the time before her death, due to extensive brain damage. It wasn't until the second week of the quest that she actually gained the ability to retain information at all. Slowly, her memories have coming back, but only in small incoherent pieces so far.
  • Creepy Child: Subject MEAT is obviously inhuman, even after regenerating all her internal and external organs. The fact that her energetic and curious nature is so childlike, yet her actions and thoughts somewhat alien, only heightens this effect. Hummingbird can invoke this tropes by 'humming', a discordant and creepy melody that gives an intimidation bonus when in use. This is also the trait she was named after by the heads of Umbrella.
  • Heroic Willpower: Most humans fall unconscious at 0 HP and die at -20. Redcap can continue to fight even if his health is under 0, presumably through sheer willpower. Though he does take the action penalties associated with having negative HP and still dies upon hitting -20.
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  • Parental Substitute: Hummingbird was orphaned, most likely by the fire that semi-killed her before being injected with the T-meat strain. Local experimental treatment 'volunteer' Lucy and the facility guard known as REDCAP have both been filling in parental roles while spending time with Hummingbird, though how much of their behaviour is due to actual attachment is unknown.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Dr. Anderson is often shown to be this, especially when compared to other Umbrella facility heads. Outright demanding stricter security and better handling for the various highly dangerous subjects she has to deal with. She also has a decent idea of what the rest of Umbrella would do to Subject MEAT if they realised the true length of her abilities, and has been doing her best to keep said abilities secret from them.
  • The Power of Hate: Presumably what kept doctor Muller 'alive' after both attempts to kill him, that and the T-meat he injected himself with. His character sheet just before his final and actual death is filled with words HATE repeated over and over again.

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