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Nuclear Union was a Western RPG in development by the Ukrainian company BestWay, with funding provided by the Russian publisher 1C. However, the latter pulled its involvement at the end of 2013 due to the political instability in Ukraine, resulting in the game's cancellation.

The main protagonist is a former pilot of the Soviet military aviation, who is sent from the underground city of "Pobedograd" in the subsoil of Moscow to the radioactive external surface, for various missions on behalf of the underground government of Pobedograd, including the recovery of advanced Soviet pre-nuclear war technologies and investigating a set of strange and mysterious phenomena that are happening on the outer surface.

The announcement trailer is here, the concept art trailer is here and the gameplay trailer is here.

Nuclear Union contains examples of:

  • Abandoned Laboratory: The TAFR research laboratories at the contaminated surface of Moscow.
  • Alternate History: In 1962, the Cuban missile crisis degenerated into the Third World War between the United States of America and the Soviet Union. First was a conventional war, where the Warsaw Blockade launched an armed invasion of Western Europe and spreading to Spain, and then degenerating into a large-scale nuclear war between the US and the USSR. The nuclear war was won by the Soviet Union, but at the price of total nuclearization of the earth's surface and the withdrawal of the Soviet Union into a network of underground cities. In 2012, 50 years after the nuclear war of 1962, the Soviet Union still exists, but confined and limited to the underground cities and after having completely lost contact with the external surface and the external world, resulting in a subterranean Soviet culture.
  • Crapsack World: The outer surface of the world after the nuclear war. It has become a brutal and hostile place, dominated by fauna and flora of radioactive mutants which attack and kill every human being nearby. There are gangs of brutal and ferocious bandits and raiders, and many portions of the surface are still contaminated or radioactive.
  • Mad Scientist: Hans Gustav Adolph Hellman, a German communist scientist, who escaped to the Soviet Union in 1933 and worked for the TAFR. In 1938, he conduced experiments to create a new human race, the "Homo Arbeiter" or "Proletarian Man" or "Working Man", a race of super-human workers, but also socialists and collectivists, to be placed at the base of the communist society of the future.
  • The Remnant: All that remains of the CPSU, that is, of the Soviet government and Soviet institutions and the Red Army, is asserted and confined to the interior of Pobedograd, which together with the large underground network of Soviet anti-atomic underground cities, are everything that remains of the Soviet Union, the last fragments of the USSR.
  • Soviet Superscience: The advanced technologies of the underground company of Pobedograd and the "Soviet Union underground" and those developed by the TAFR, a secret research department created by the Soviet Union in 1929.
  • Underground City: In the basement of the Soviet Union, under the ruins of the major Soviet metropolises, there is a network of Soviet underground cities which make up all that remains of the post-nuclear war Soviet Union. Among these Soviet underground cities there is Pobedograd, located in the subsoil of Moscow and where the Soviet population was transferred to escape the radiation when the earth's surface became uninhabitable.