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  • Back to the Future: The Game: After the films, Alex Keaton is now Prince Lotor and must travel back in time once more, to find out what happened to Reverend Jim, who has mysteriously disappeared. Along the way, he ends up distorting the timeline once again and meets Reverend Jim's evil alternate self, Judge Doom and an emo version of his girlfriend, who has retired from babysitting and is once again TV!Linda Barrett. At the very end, Lotor meets his great-grandfather, Scott Howard.
  • Backyard Sports: Princess Peach and Bowser Jr. are the commentators for Baseball and Soccer games. Some of the players include Falco Lombardi, Lakitu, Toadette, Bob the Builder, and Natalia.
  • Baldur's Gate: The Player Character is forced to flee their home when Captain Gantu attacks. After their foster father Cat dies protecting them from Gantu, the player character and their childhood friend Courney Gears seek help from his friends Peggy Brandt and Arsenal, encountering the evil Scooby-Doo and LeChuck along the way. Meanwhile, Winnie-the-Pooh seeks to rescue Bastila from a gnoll fortress while Bataar plans to kill her instead, Catwoman is a drow priestess, Kyle Katarn is a perpetually depressed elvish enchanter, P-Body tries to win the heart of Yumi Yoshimura even though she prefers the much less pleasant Dr. Lindsey, and Brooklyn is an arrogant gnomish cleric/mage.
  • Banjo-Kazooie: King K. Rool and Daniel Carrington are a bear and bird duo who go on adventures to stop the evil rhyming witch Chief LightFoot. The two are regularly assisted by a shaman named Donkey Kong, who uses his magic to transform them into many different creatures.
  • Batman: Arkham Series:
    • Batman: Arkham Asylum: During a routine prison check, Luke Skywalker escapes custody with the help of Calliope Jones Bradford. It's up to Captain Sunshine (with help from Yoda and Ashley Williams) to capture Luke and lock up the former inmates (who include Barricade, King Julien, Sniper Wolf, Graviton, Ragou, and Renji Abarai). Mr. Herriman is the warden, Blackarachnia is a doctor, and Wheeljack is a reporter.
    • Batman: Arkham City:
      • Main Plot: Herriman is now the mayor, and has closed off part of Gotham City and is using it to hold several criminals. Count Dooku is in charge of the facility, who proceeds to kidnap Sunshine and have him thrown into it. First thing Sunshine does after he escapes from Deadpool and his goons is to rescue Baroness, who's been captured by Pain. Also, Luke is still recovering from the previous game and is now under the care of Juliet Starling. In addition to dealing with Luke, Juliet, Deadpool, and Pain, Sunshine also has to deal with Omega Supreme, the Brain, Boba Fett and his daughter Kate Beckett, and Thor, who's standing in for Luke. Sunshine also has Nergal as a butler and Greed as his sidekick, Ashley is back, Yoda has become Charles Xavier, and Wheeljack is back with fellow reporter Sam Manson. Tobi appears briefly to get knocked around by Dooku's goons and in some DLC maps.
      • Catwoman DLC: Baroness breaks into Pain's hideout, explaining how he captured her in the first place. After Sunshine rescues her, Baroness tries to enlist Sniper Wolf's help in raiding Dooku's vault, then deals with Pain again after he makes another attempt to kill her.
      • Sidequests: Sunshine has to deal with Drebin following him and Julien and Renji being up to their old tricks, then team up with Graviton, track assassin Hawkeye, stop him from carrying out a hit on Wheeljack, stop Doctor Octopus from trying to control him, and track face-stealing serial killer Bellicus. Additionally, Pain is also holding Charlie Burns captive and Sunshine can listen to him recount past crimes of his and during his first trip to the sewers, Sunshine can see Barricade.
      • Harley Quinn's Revenge: Ashley sends Greed in to rescue Sunshine, who's reeling from the deaths of Luke and Kate, after he's captured trying to rescue some of Xavier's men from Juliet, who herself is reeling from Luke's death.
    • Batman: Arkham Origins:
      • Main Plot: Chris Redfield is a young Captain Sunshine, having a rough Christmas as it starts with Tobi, who's Jackie Estacado at this point in time, breaking into Blackgate with Ripcord (a young Barricade), has one of his goons threaten warden Aqualad (whom he blinded in one eye earlier), free Charlie, and kills Steve Crosetti. After beating Ripcord, Chris learns that Jackie has hired eight assassin—one of whom is Ripcord himself and five others of whom Chris meets in the main plot: Sajin Komamura (a young Graviton), Lex Luthor, Roger Smith, Alucard, and Zoe DeHaven. Joel is a young Luke Skywalker who has kidnapped the real Jackie and impersonated him, meaning he's the one who hired the assassins, killed Steve, and blinded Aqualad. Nergal has yet to accept Chris's mission and Xavier is at this point in time Calder and has yet to learn to trust Chris. In addition to Joel, Jackie, and the assassins, Chris pays a visit to Deadpool as he's torturing Sheldon Lee, the son of a crime boss who's a rival to both Deadpool and Jackie. We also see Joel's first meeting with Juliet. During the credits, Herriman vows to reopen Arkham and in The Stinger, government agent Mo'at recruits Lex. Joe Barbero is a detective who works with Calder.
      • Sidequests: In addition to dealing with the two other assassins—Karai (who's implied to really be working for Boba) and Hawkeye—Chris also has to deal with anarchist Tygra, Deadpool using corrupt cops to steal impounded weapons and sell them, the real Jackie's drug trade, Sajin's right hand man Leon Kennedy, his first encounters with Renji and Doctor Octopus, and investigating the long-ago death of architect Father (who helped one of Chris's ancestor in designing Gotham).
      • Multiplayer: Chris and Greed's predecessor, Jack Darby, have to deal with Joel and Sajin's gangs fighting each other.
      • Initiation DLC: Years before, Chris learns from Lee Chaolan and fights Karai for the first time.
      • Cold, Cold Heart: Chris encounters the Brain for the first time, who has teamed up with Deadpool and is going after Ned Ryerson. He also has to deal with more of Tygra's followers.
      • Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate: A few months later, Calder asks Chris to deal with another riot at Blackgate, during which he must deal with Joel, Omega, Deadpool, Jackie, Hawkeye, Baroness, and Ebon. Mo'at returns, too, this time with John Casey. In The Stinger, she recruits Ebon and Hawkeye.
    • Batman: Arkham Knight:
      • Main Plot: Sunshine must deal with Ragou, who's now Walter Bishop, as he forms an alliance with Juliet and other super villains. Sniper Wolf is also invited, but she wants no part of it. Nergal and Drebin also return, Calder is now Mike Ehrmantraut, Jack is now Cyclops, Ashley is now Alice Cullen; Greed is now Bayman, and Tetrax Shard provides tech support. An Evil Counterpart for Sunshine, who turns out to be Loki (who acted as a sidekick to Sunshine between Cyclops and Bayman) works for Walter, Warren Vidic is a Corrupt Corporate Executive, and Sunshine is haunted by hallucinations of Luke, who managed to infect Nick Carlyle, Sagat, Triss Merigold, and Simon Gerrard with his blood before his death.
      • Sidequests: Sunshine must deal with Deadpool's gun-running ring with Cyclops's help, saving Baroness from Renji, Pain robbing banks, the return of Alucard, rescue Tetrax from Bellicus, and the return of Lex, as well as Sinister Minister Iron Man, Mad Scientist "Howling Mad" Murdock, Iron Fist turning himself into a giant bat-like creature, and Hawk Moth trying to bully Sunshine into selling Wayne Enterprises' Applied Science Division.
      • Red Hood DLC: Loki has a run-in with Jackie.
      • Harley Quinn DLC: Juliet, with some help from Deadpool, springs Sniper Wolf from jail and must contend with Cyclops.
      • A Matter of Family: Alice and Bayman must deal with Luke and Juliet when they kidnap Mike.
      • GCPD Lockdown: Cyclops must stop Deadpool's men from breaking him out.
      • Catwoman's Revenge: Baroness wants revenge against Renji for taking her hostage.
      • Flip of a Coin: Bayman must contend with Pain.
      • Season of Infamy: Sunshine must deal the Evil Counterpart, Lex, or their minions (depending on when you deal with it) taking the Brain's wife Joyce Price hostage; an internal war brewing between those loyal to Boba and those loyal to his other daughter, Silver Sable; Barricade causing a prison airship carrying him to crash; and Doctor Octopus kidnapping some cops. Klaus is the warden of the airship carrying Barricade.
    • Batman Arkham Underworld: A Clash of Clans clone, the player plays as Juliet, the Brain, Ripcord, Renji, Ragou, or Sajin as they try to usurp crime boss (and Sheldon's father, hence the aforementioned rival to Deadpool) Da Fino's power and deal with Sunshine.
  • Battle Chef Brigade: Ryuko Matoi is a small-village cook who participates in an Iron Chef-style tournament where the contestants have to hunt their own ingredients.
  • Bayonetta: Hot Witch Yomiko Readman goes around beating up demonic angels while finding out more about her past. Along the way she meets an equally Hot Witch named Daphne Blake, gets chased around by Suzaku (who believes that Yomiko killed his father), and gets stuck looking after Yui Hirasawa who turns out to be a time-displaced younger Yomiko. Yomiko also buys weapons from Gabriel Tosh throughout the game.
  • Bioshock Infinite: Joel must bring Mandy Creighton from a Steampunk sky-city called Columbia, which is led by an incredibly racist Skavak, to a mysterious man in New York to wipe away his debt. Along the way, he'll receive cryptic advice and help from Ms. Keane and Joseph von Fraunhofer (who are actually the same person) and have to deal with a populist rebellion led by Ashley Williams, of all people. Mandy is revealed to be Joel's daughter, and Joel and Skavak are actually the same person.
  • BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger: Garrosh Hellscream breaks into the Novus Orbis Librarium and starts killing people on an average day of revenge. Grimmjow Jeagerjeaques and Compa are among those who want to capture him. Elsewhere, Shinji Ikari is really creepy. Also involved and possibly hunting Garrosh are Cat Girl Hiyori Tamura who wants some food, vampire Rin Tohsaka who is observing Garrosh and mocking everyone else, cyborg Lu Bu who is trying to arrest Garrosh for his group (not Grimmjow's), buxom doctor Kasumi who is trying to cure Shinji, loudmouthed Ninja The Invincible Kanetsugu Naoe who not only seeks Garrosh's bounty but also tries to impress Kasumi, young prodigy Rukia Kuchiki who's also trying to get the bounty on Garrosh, and finally the iron knight who turns out to be Grimmjow's future self, Richter Belmont.
    • BlazBlue: Continuum Shift: Turns out everything was planned by one nasty Cid Raines (or, in Extend, Gin Ichimaru) who joins right in the new cast along with Michelle Chang, Compa's friend, and later the roster is joined by Compa's other friend, squirrel girl Amy Rose, Rin's werewolf butler Zhang Jiao a Magical Girl with Split Personality issue named Tohru Honda, and eventually, Cid's equally monstrous buddy and Rukia's father Guile. Cid turns Compa into a world-destroying Homura Akemi, but was stopped by Garrosh letting his arm explode, but the scales shook: while Grimmjow turns to the good side, Cid and Guile went so far as brainwashing Michelle to stick with them and forced Kasumi to join them if she wants a shot to save Shinji (whom they detained) and reveals that they're being "led" by Garrosh and Grimmjow's sister Pascal. The next stage would be set on Kanetsugu's (who has been told by Tohru that he has hidden powers) hometown...



  • Dante's Inferno: Dwalin, armed with Nightcrawler's scythe, ventures through the Nine Circles of Hell to save the love of his life.
  • DC Universe Online: After Megatron takes over the planet in the future, Spike goes back in time to the present and gives a ton of people superpowers, creating a bunch of superheroes and supervillains. Those who use their powers for good are mentored by the likes of Spike's archfoe Jayne Cobb/Theodore Rex, Bellicus, and Bella Crawford/Shaak Ti. Those who decide to become villains work with the likes of the present day Spike, Bellicus's archfoe Fire Lord Ozai and his girlfriend Calliope Bradford/Pyrrha Nikos, and one of Bella/Shaak's enemies Ro Laren.
  • DeathSpank : Starscream fights the forces of injustice and evil in the most heroic of undergarments.
  • Dead or Alive: (Using the most recent cast available)
    • 1: After thinking that Emperor Charles di Britannia has killed her brother Alucard, Litchi Faye-Ling deserted her ninja clan and ran off into a tournament where participants include DJ Vector the Crocodile, bouncer Kenshiro and his Tai-Chi Quan rival/stalker Kyubey, wrestler Pascal and her dad (also wrestler) Scorpion, mercenary Tygra, and Old Master Jade Curtiss. Tailing behind Litchi was her half-sister and would-be executioner Sakura Kasugano and super ninja Nova (who had his own game beforehand).
    • 2: A new tournament is hosted by the daughter of the previous owner (also opera singer), Rider. While looking for the missing Litchi, Nova encounters a strange karateka known as Patroklos Alexander, who in the end is revealed to be an amnesiac Alucard, while destroying a giant tengu monster. It's later revealed that Litchi has been cloned.
    • 3: There's another tournament held by the shady Ant-Man, which introduced drunken master Warrior of Light and Sherry Birkin, another karateka who took care of Alucard and has been looking for 'Patroklos'. It also involves Ant-Man's right-hand woman Lust, a psycho assassin who turned out to have killed Rider's mother. The final boss is Sakura's possessed father and she tearfully killed him. Rider officially won the tournament and...
    • 4: She held another tournament, also introducing Jade's student as he retired, Forest Law, Viola, Rider's half sister and a Geisha, Slippy Toad, a United Nations Space Command SPARTAN-11, and Maya Amano, a luchadora who's also a scientist who works for Ant-Man. At the climax; Nova, Alucard and Sakura assaulted the enemy hidden base containing a Litchi-cloning factory, while Litchi dealt with her clone, but the whole base fell apart when Rider blew everything up to atone for their sins and was willing to die... until Vector saved her, and he ends up being designated as the winner.
    • 5: Two years passed, and Rider announced that she's back and holding another tournament to promote that her corporate is no longer corrupt now that she fired Ant-Man and his gang. Newcomers include an MMA fighter who is a fan of Scorpion, who now retired from wrestling and working on an oil rig with another newcomer Asura, who turns out to be the amnesiac son of Ant-Man that ends up having no intention of being good. The official winner for this tournament is Kenshiro. But he's pissed because he didn't get to fight Asura who handed him his butt out of tournament. Later editions add Kodachi Kuno, Sailor Mercury, Mako Mankanshoku, the tengu monster's daughter, Rei Ayanami, and Izumo Kamiki.









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