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  • Max is shown reading the novel in Allied, which deals with a husband trying to determine his wife's allegiance and possible enemy history.


  • Brighton Rock plays an important role in the storyline of protagonist Tom Henderson in Frank Portman's novel King Dork.

Live Action TV

  • Christopher Foyle's son is seen reading the novel in the Foyle's War episode "The German Woman".


  • Morrissey's song "Now My Heart Is Full" references four characters in its refrain ("Dallow, Spicer, Pinkie, Cubitt").
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  • A two-day rock concert entitled New Brighton Rock was staged in the seaside resort of New Brighton, Merseyside, in May 1984, and later broadcast by Granada Television.
  • Queen enjoyed moderate success with their song "Brighton Rock", which appeared on their 1974 album Sheer Heart Attack.
  • Peter Doherty references Kolley Kibber in his song titled "Kolly Kibber".
  • Julian Cope references Kolley Kibber in his song titled "Kolly Kibber's Birthday", which appeared on his 1984 album World Shut Your Mouth.
  • The British band My Vitriol took their name from the bottle of vitriol Pinkie would throw at anyone who threatened him.


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