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Recap / The Outer Limits 1995 S 4 E 26 In Our Own Image

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The Control Voice: It is nature's way that life expands to fill any vacuum. But when human minds become circuits and human flesh becomes steel, what will that new life reveal?

An android escapes his laboratory and kidnaps a woman to help repair him.

The Control Voice: If we teach our children by example, then we only have ourselves to blame for whom they become.

In Our Own Tropes:

  • Brain–Computer Interface: A slight variation occurs involving an interface with the optic nerve as opposed to the brain directly. The android Mac 27 has a device which can connect his neural net to Cecilia Fairman's optic nerve so he can show her recordings and recreations (in other words, clips from previous episodes) contained in his memory files.
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  • Cruel Twist Ending: An android programmed to be a soldier who wants to live a life of peace escapes from the lab and gets a ride from a random lady he carjacks. She helps him escape and attempt to get the items he needs to remove his safeguards and be free. At the last second before he's truly free, she reveals she was one of his programmers and shuts him down. She wanted to see what he could do before she stopped him. Unfortunately for her and humanity, he had identified her beforehand, turns himself back on, kills her, and starts a robot uprising. This may also count as him giving a Karmic Twist Ending. If humanity is going to act like this, then he needs to teach them a lesson.
  • Slave Race: Cecilia Fairman views androids as being slaves to humans. She tells the android Mac 27 that some humans were born to be slave masters while the rest of humanity will be comfortable with the idea, provided that they can convince them that androids aren't human.
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  • Turned Against Their Masters: The android Mac 27, the prototype for a 10,000-strong series designed for heavy agricultural and industrial work, malfunctions and escapes from Innobotics Corporation, killing two people in the process. The malfunction which caused him to go berserk was the development of emotions, something which previously happened to Valerie 23 in the episode of the same name (and the first entry in the Innobotics story arc). He kidnaps a woman from the Innobotics carpark, takes her to an abandoned industrial area and instructs her to repair the damage that he received in his escape. However, it turns out that the woman is not a secretary as she claimed but Cecilia Fairman, a troubleshooter hired by Innobotics to help them diagnose the problem with Mac 27. While gloating over her apparent victory, Fairman is horrified when Mac 27 reactivates the motor control subroutines which she had disabled. She realizes that he had figured out her identity and tricked her in the same manner as she tried to trick him. As he procured a scan of her retina (by virtue of a white flash which he claimed was a malfunction) and she entered her personal access code into his systems, Mac 27 is able to activate his fellow Mac-series androids. Before killing his creator Dr. Keeler, he tells him that no human will ever program them again.

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