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Recap / The Order of the Stick

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This is the recap page for The Order of the Stick, with over 1,000 comics. These comics have been released in printed collections containing bonus material, and separate books as print-only prequels. Under Construction.

Main Series

  1. Dungeon Crawlin' Fools: Comics 1-121
  2. No Cure for the Paladin Blues: Comics 122-301
  3. War and XPs: Comics 302-484
  4. Don't Split the Party: Comics 485-672
  5. Blood Runs in the Family: Comics 673-946
  6. Utterly Dwarfed: Comics 947-1189


  1. On the Origin of PCs: Book #0
  2. Start of Darkness: Book #-1
  3. Good Deeds Gone Unpunished: Book #½

Other stories

  1. Snips, Snails and Dragon Tails
  2. The Order of the Stick Coloring Book