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Recap / The Big Bang Theory S 10 E 23 The Gyroscopic Collapse

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Leonard, Sheldon, and Howard are dismayed to learn that the Air Force has taken their newly completed gyroscope and kicked them off the project. Adding to his woes, Sheldon learns that Amy has been offered a summer position in London.


  • All for Nothing:
    • With the gyroscope confiscated by the government, any hopes of Howard and his children profiting from it, which was his main reason for taking the project in the first place, are now gone.
    • This applies to Leonard, Sheldon, and Howard all together. They were expecting to become famous for their gyroscope, but with the Air Force shutting them out of the project, they don't even get any recognition.
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  • Blunt "Yes": The General doesn't hide anything when Leonard, Sheldon, and Howard ask him if the Air Force is really going to take the gyroscope they worked hard on, kick them to the curb, and leave them with nothing.
  • Moment Killer: Just after Leonard, Sheldon, and Howard are celebrating the completion of their gyroscope project, the Air Force confiscates it.
  • Stealing the Credit: In addition to losing the gyroscope project, the Air Force is denying Leonard, Sheldon, and Howard were involved in it.
  • Un-person: Sheldon thinks the Air Force is erasing their lives when he walks into the apartment and finds it empty. Turns out they simply stopped at the wrong floor.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Non-lethal variant. After Leonard, Sheldon, and Howard finish the gyroscope, the government doesn't need them anymore and confiscates the project.

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