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Recap / Sonic Boom S 2 E 11 The Evil Dr Orbot

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It's another day in the town, as Soar gives the breaking news; villainy, and his blood pressure, is on the rise. Criminals are scamming citizens, as shown by T. Barker scamming Mike The Ox, as Mike says that he's right. Soar continues that villains are disobeying traffic signs, and stealing candy from babies, which is shown by a weasel bandit stealing from Lady Walrus's baby, to which Lady Walrus comments, "Well, I never!" Soar continues by saying that Sonic and Eggman are in the middle of a battle. And as it turns out, Sonic and company are battling Eggman's robots because Eggman wants to destroy every Fuzzy Puppy figurine. Eggman's figurines have plummeted in value, so if he destroys the remaining stable stock, it will increase the worth of Eggman's collection. Sonic uses his Spin Attack on Eggman, thus defeating him. The mayor is furious of this villain stuff, and so he announces right in front of the villains in the town hall that all evildoers must obtain a permit if they wish to continue doing evil stuff. The villains boo at the mayor, but the mayor takes this opportunity to gladly announce that all villains must pay a fee and take an evil test. Eggman is at the school taking the evil test, but does not have a pencil. T. Barker says that he will give a pencil to Eggman for 20 bucks. Eggman says that it's highway robbery, but pays for it anyway. Eggman says that this test is going to be easier than he thought. Eggman's pencil breaks, and so he has to pay T. Barker some more money for another one. Eggman then takes the test, and comments how easy the questions are, even comparing them to a question that a middle schooler can answer. Eggman then does a math equation. Eggman finally answers the question, but Fastidious Beaver gives a ten-second warning, causing Eggman to panic and rush. Eggman's pencil breaks again, and time runs out.


The villains have passed the test, and Willy Walrus calls lunch for all villains that passed. Eggman checks for his score, and when he gets to his face, he notices a red X next to it, complete with a buzzer sound. "I failed?!" yells Eggman, unable to believe that he could have possibly fail a test for villains. "I'll burn this building to the ground!!" "Not without your permit you won't," reminds Fastidious. Eggman then says that he will retake the test and then burn the building. But then, Fastidious says that according to section 3 of the new rule, villains who fail cannot retake the test for 90 days. Eggman, in shock, says that it's three months, but then he remembers that it's February, so it's more than three months, and growls in frustration.

Back at the evil lair, Cubot tries to console Eggman, saying that he will get it next time. Orbot offers to be Eggman's study buddy. Eggman then gets a genius idea, saying that Orbot can take the villain test so that Orbot can become an evildoer in the household, while Eggman pulls the strings behind the scenes as the puppet-master. Orbot, however, does not know the first thing about being evil, but Eggman says that Orbot will learn from the doctor himself. Orbot offers to do research on his own. At the computer, Orbot says that all he has to do to pass the exam is to install an evil textbook directly into Orbot's memory. Orbot proceeds to do just that, as the evil textbook is being downloaded, as Orbot evilly laughs, and the download completes. Orbot says that evil flows through his circuits, and he likes it! Back at the school, Orbot passes with a perfect score, but Eggman says that because of him, Orbot knew how to bring pencils and tells Orbot to come; they have some schemes to hatch!


Apparently, Eggman has somehow heard from the evil boards about Tails' new invention, a weather control device, so he wants Orbot to blow a hole in his wall, and then proceed to send in a pack of robot minions. Orbot nods, and he fires a missile, but it misses its intended target, blowing something else up, thus alerting Tails. Eggman scolds Orbot, but while Tails is distracted by the source of the explosion, Orbot takes this chance to sneak into the workshop and then take the weather control device. Eggman tells Orbot that although the route of the plan was different than expected, Orbot will get the hang of it eventually. Eggman takes the weather control device, and Orbot summons a thunderstorm cloud to electrocute Eggman.

Meanwhile, Sonic and Amy are having a picnic. Eggman tells Orbot that they should send in some Ant Bots, but Orbot rejects that in the favor of the thunderstorm cloud. Sonic and Amy easily escape, and Orbot has once again done something evil. Eggman gets electrocuted again. Back at the evil lair, Eggman tells Orbot that puppet-mastering is a two-way street, and Orbot says that it's fascinating, and reminds Eggman about the Fuzzy Puppy warehouse failure. "That's exactly what I'm talking about," says Eggman. "You're not ready to pull off an advanced move like that." Orbot, however, reveals that he has already done it; rather than destroy the warehouse, he had purchased the entire surplus supply of figurines at deep discount closeout prices, and then posted a flyer, saying that a mystery buyer was willing to pay 1,000 bucks for the figurines, creating an artificial demand. At the same time, Orbot took out an ad in the newspaper, offering to sell the aforementioned figurines for 500 bucks a piece. People came in droves, and they did not buy just one; they bought three, one to play with, one to keep inside a box, and one to resell to the mystery buyer, who is revealed to be Cubot, resulting in a 500 buck profit on each sale, and at the same time, raising the value of each figurine in Eggman's collection to 1,000 bucks. "But... But... Where's the senseless destruction?" asks Eggman. "Where's the violence? Where's the fun?!" Orbot says that he did it properly instead. Eggman is annoyed by this, telling Orbot that only Eggman decides on the evil plans, asking on what the point is on being the puppet-master when Orbot does not do what Eggman tells him to. "That's why I'm cutting my strings," replies Orbot. Orbot then tells Eggman to say hello to the newest villain in town: The Evil Dr. Orbot. Cubot is on Orbot's side. Eggman sits down and sighs.


Back at the town, Orbot is causing havoc in the town. "For years, I've sat idlely by while the world laughed at me, calling me names like 'Lucky' and 'Paperweight'. Well, who's laughing now? Hahahahahahaha!" "You are, Dr. Paperweight," says Cubot. Orbot is annoyed by that. "After all that time working under that mustachio maroon, how is it you still don't recognize a rhetorical question?!" Orbot scolds Cubot futher while Cubot continues talking. "SILENCE!!!" Orbot finally yells. "Now, onward to City Hall!" He moves onward with an army of Moto Bugs and Beetle Bots. Sonic thinks that Eggman is planning this, but it is actually Orbot. Tails says that that's not Eggman. Orbot then asks Sonic and company if they have a baby to save. Sonic says no, but Lady Walrus yells "My baby!" Sonic says that they will get to it later. Amy says that Sonic and company needs to hold back; he's just Orbot. Sonic asks if his teammates saw Orbot's test scores, and Tails, Knuckles, and Amy say yes. Sonic and company prepare to battle. Knuckles takes out a Beetle Bot, and Amy takes out a Moto Bug. Sonic takes another Moto Bug out, and then another Moto Bug again, and Orbot fires two missiles. Tails warns his team of this, and Sonic lures a missile into a Beetle Bot, while Tails lures another one into two Moto Bugs. Not willing to give up just yet, Orbot orders his robot minions to attack, and more robots keep coming. Sonic takes out a Bee Bot. Knuckles takes out another Beetle Bot, and Tails dodges another Beetle Bot's laser to destroy a Moto Bug. Orbot is ready to use full force now, and he fires missiles again. Sonic dodges two, but just as the mayor peeks his head out of the window, a missile explodes as the mayor ducks it, and the mayor falls out. Knuckles catches the mayor. Although the mayor is unscathed, the permits are not. "The villain permits have all been destroyed!" yells the mayor in horror. "Without the proper paperwork, I guess this whole evil permit law is null and void."

Eggman comes in, and says that it was a success, and his plan worked perfectly. Eggman reveals that he knew power would go to Orbot's head, and Eggman needed the records destroyed. Orbot says that Eggman has not seen the rest of The Evil Dr. Orbot. Cubot then says that he prefers spineless stooge Orbot to bossy jerkface Orbot. Cubot presses Orbot's eyes, restoring Orbot back to normal. The two go to play charades, and Sonic praises Eggman for this plan. Eggman says that he did not have a plan; all of that stuff just happened. The evil genius part was taking credit for it all. Eggman prepares to retreat, but accidentally activates the weather control machine that Eggman had somehow placed on the Egg Mobile's floor, and once again gets electrocuted. Eggman returns the weather device to Tails, and Eggman retreats. The episode ends with Team Sonic laughing.

Tropes featured in the episode:

  • Call-Back: Amy and Dr. Eggman's love for the Fuzzy Puppies board game from "Fuzzy Puppy Buddies" is referenced in this episode.
  • Expy: In this case, the Fuzzy Puppy Buddies toys are this to Nintendo's amiibo figurines.
  • F--: Inverted; when Orbot passes the test, he scores three thumbs-up next to his checkmark.
  • Personal Raincloud: Tails' machine that Orbot steals from Tails has the ability to summon these, and Dr. Eggman ends up the victim of these, as do Sonic and Amy.
  • Shell Game: At the beginning of this episode, T.W. Barker scams Mike the Ox through one of these by hiding the ball behind his back.
  • Take That!: The entire plot of Eggman at the start of the episode is to destroy stock of "Fuzzy Puppy Buddies", in order for their retail prices to go up, and for Cubot (disguised as a third-party seller) to leech off the demand and sell the toys at exorbatant prices to willing customers. Now where have we we heard that before....
  • Train Problem: The first question on the test asks is if a train full of innocent civilians is travelling west at 60 miles per hour and a missile of unspeakable destruction is zooming east at 116 miles per hour, what time the two vehicles will crash and burn. Because Dr. Eggman spends so much time trying to answer that one question correctly, he ends up failing the test.
  • X-Ray Sparks: Happens to Dr. Eggman when he gets shocked by the lightning bolts from Tails' machine.

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