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Recap / Sonic Boom S 1 E 47 Fuzzy Puppy Buddies

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It’s another peaceful day, and Amy is playing a board game against herself, while running back and forth constantly. While Amy is doing a victory dance, she did not notice that Sonic and the others had just walked in. Sonic asks Amy on what is she doing, and Amy replies that she is doing nothing embarrassing. Sonic picks up one of the pieces and calls it a doll. Amy is annoyed by that, and says that it is not a doll; it’s a playing piece for a game called Fuzzy Puppies, a game that requires strategy, cunning, and aggression. Sonic and the others laugh at Amy, and Tails says that it sounds lame. Amy says that it is not lame; it’s the coolest new game around. Sticks asks Amy why Amy is playing by herself, and Amy replies that it is toning her skills before a Fuzzy Puppy meeting at Meh Burger, and that the most popular players in town will be there.


Amy gets to Meh Burger, but Eggman suddenly appears from the left and apologizes for being late. Amy asks Eggman if he is into Fuzzy Puppies, and Eggman replies that he is not, before confessing that he is into Fuzzy Puppies. Eggman then asks Amy not to tell Sonic and the others, as Eggman thinks that Sonic and the others will make fun of Eggman. Amy says that she will keep it a secret, before asking Eggman what his favorite Fuzzy Puppy is, and then, Amy says that Eggman might not be so bad after all.

It then switches to a battle where Eggman is in the Eggmobile shooting lasers, and just as Eggman says that he is going to wipe Sonic and company off the face of the planet, the Giant Robot appears and then shoots a laser. Sonic uses a Homing Attack on the Giant Robot, while the others deal with the Ball Bots. Eggman then tells Amy to meet Eggman in his lair. Amy then reminds Eggman that they are in the middle of an attack, but Eggman says that outside office hours, they are Fuzzy Puppy Buddies. Sonic then finally defeats the Giant Robot and asks Amy if she needs help, and Amy says that she does not need help. Amy agrees to stop by at the lair at 8, and then hits Eggman out of there, with Eggman saying, “Curse you Amy Rose for smacking me over the horizon, and I definitely won’t be seeing you anytime soon!!!” Back at Amy’s house, Sonic asks Amy if she wants to go to the beach, but Amy lies and says that she needs to water her cat and then runs off. Sticks then says that it’s the third time Amy ditched Team Sonic this week. Knuckles replies that he thinks Amy is overwatering that cat.


At Eggman’s evil lair, Amy praises Eggman’s collection, but she notices that something is missing. Eggman then replies that he has been searching for the legendary Fancy Poodle. Amy then says that she brought over her collection, and then requests a trade. Eggman does not want any of Amy’s weak playing pieces, and Amy replies that Eggman is missing decoy dogs; Assist Pups and Defense Mutts. Eggman then explains that as he is a collecter, he does not have the slightest idea of how to actually play Fuzzy Puppies. Amy then offers to help Eggman be good at the game.

After a cut to the outside of Eggman’s lair, Amy explains that the goal of the game is to get rid of all of the opponent’s puppies from the board. Each puppy has its own abilities. For example, Goldie the Retriever can dig holes and trap an opponent’s puppy for three straight turns, Sharleen Sharpay has a bark that can one-shot a smaller dog, and when Eggman asks what the third piece that Amy has does, Amy says that Gurdy the Bulldog tracks mud, and that gets Gurdy one-shotted automatically, which is why Amy never moves Gurdy and keeps Gurdy for good luck. Eggman then points out the crown that one of the playing pieces is wearing, and Amy says that the Ice Tiara, along with other accessories, can power up the player’s pup. However, Eggman shows that he is wearing one of the accessories, and both Amy and Eggman laugh. Amy then says that it is time to begin showing Eggman how it is done.


The scene then cuts to a montage of Eggman getting the hang of playing the game, and goes from beating Dave with some help from Amy to writing the information Amy shows Eggman to defeating Zooey with a pup wearing an accessory to getting beaten by Amy which causes Eggman to flip the board out of anger to beating Fastidious Beaver with another pup wearing an accessory to beating Amy with some strategy. Amy then says that Eggman has become the master of the game, and Eggman replies that he learned from the best, or second best now, since Eggman crushed Amy before flipping the board again while saying “Victory flip!”

Meanwhile, at Meh Burger, Knuckles asks on how slow the week is, and Sticks says that maybe it is not a slow week, and that stuff’s happening, and Team Sonic is not a part of it. Sonic calls it absurd, saying that Team Sonic is part of everything. Tails agrees with Sonic, but realizes that Amy is part of everything too. So Team Sonic heads straight to Amy’s house, but the window is blocked. Knuckles says that Amy is setting up a date, and Sonic replies with, “A date?! Uh, that’s cool I mean what do I care?” Sonic then glares at his team and says, “Stop looking at me!” Eggman then knocks on the door, and Amy lets Eggman in. Sonic, being the hero he is, ties Eggman up. Eggman then leaves, and Knuckles suspects that the Eggman attack seemed strange. Amy then tries to be innocent, and Sonic, knowing very well that Eggman usually does not knock before an attack, asks Amy what is going on. Amy then tries to be innocent even more, but she realizes that her team is not buying it, so Amy finally decides to spill the beans and tell Sonic and company that Amy and Eggman are Fuzzy Puppy Buddies, and Tails replies, with shock, “You’re FRIENDS with EGGMAN?!” Amy then replies and Eggman and Amy are friends when they are not battling, and Amy is going to PuppyCon, and Sticks enters one of her crazy theories, but Sonic says that it’s even worse; PuppyCon just so happens to be a Fuzzy Puppy fan convention. Nevertheless, Sonic does not trust Eggman, so despite the risk to his carefully cultivated street cred, Team Sonic is going to PuppyCon.

At PuppyCon, Eggman praises PuppyCon, and Amy squeals at the accessories. Eggman then finds out that Stratford has a Fancy Poodle playing piece and tries to trade it, but Stratford does not want to trade it. Eggman then offers some of the playing pieces and Orbot and Cubot. Stratford declines, and Eggman makes the same deal, without Orbot and Cubot, but that still does not work. Eggman, realizing that Stratford is hard to negotiate and then says that he will throw in Obliterator Bot, but Lady Walrus says that her son cannot have a giant destructive killing machine and that Eggman knows nothing about childern’s safety, but notices Chumley on a sign and then runs off. Eggman then offers his key, but that STILL does not work. Amy then obtains the most OP accessory from Zooey, which is called the Cuteness Hat. Zooey then explains that, when activated, it makes a player’s pup too cute to resist. Then, Team Sonic then hears a call for help, and they rush over to find what appears to be the Lightning Bolts throwing rocks. Sonic and company takes care of the rocks, with Knuckles punching one, and Amy and Sonic performing a team combo attack on other rocks. Sonic then notices that the Lightning Bolts are gone.

Back at PuppyCon, Dave is being arrested, who claims that he is innocent. Knuckles then says that Dave’s PuppyCon experience was “ruff,” putting on shades no less. Stratford then screams that Eggman stole his Fancy Poodle. Eggman says that it was a fair trade, with Eggman trading his not-destroying-all-that-Stratford-holds-dear for Fancy Poodle. Sonic then prepares to battle Eggman, but Amy tells Sonic to let her handle this, and then challenges Eggman to a game of Fuzzy Puppies, declaring that if she wins, Eggman gives back Fancy Poodle to Stratford, and Eggman accepts, but says that if he wins, Eggman steals Gurdy the Bulldog. The crowd gasps, and Amy asks why, because Eggman knows clearly that Gurdy is the worst piece in the whole game, and Eggman replies that Amy loves Gurdy, and that Eggman is a villain after all, and Eggman knows all of Amy’s moves before saying that it is going to be a piece of cake.

And so the battle begins, and despite Amy’s skills, Eggman proceeds to stomp Amy’s pup pieces flat, with the crowd gasping. One by one, the pups go down until Gurdy. Eggman then says that he played Amy like a violin (classical, not country) and reveals that Eggman stole Fancy Poodle by distracting Team Sonic with Orbot and Cubot throwing rocks and blaming it on the Lightning Bolts. Amy then decides to turn the game in her favor, and reaches offscreen to place on Gurdy the most OP accessory in the game, the accessory Zooey gave Amy earlier, in the form of the Cuteness Hat. A dramatic zoom in occurs as the crowd gasps again, and Amy says that Gurdy cannot be blamed, and thus, another dog has to take the blame for the mud tracks, and since Amy saved Gurdy for last, Amy has to blame one of Eggman’s playing pieces and automatically one-shots Fancy Poodle. Eggman, having been defeated again, says that it’s not fair, and Amy says that Eggman cannot win, and demands that Eggman give back Fancy Poodle. Eggman refuses and flips the board. Amy then tells Eggman to give back Fancy Poodle, or the Fuzzy Puppies friendship is called off for good. Eggman reacts with sadness, and says that he thought that Amy and Eggman were FPBFFs. Eggman then agrees to give back the poodle, and tells Amy to meet Eggman at his lair next week.

Back at Eggman’s lair, Amy beats Eggman again and Eggman flips the board without getting angry, and Amy and Eggman both laugh as the episode ends.

Tropes featured in the episode:

  • Chekhov's Gun: At PuppyCon, Amy gets the Cuteness Hat from Zooey, with Zooey explaining that the Cuteness Hat makes a pup too cute to resist. Amy later uses it to defeat Eggman at Fuzzy Puppies after Amy is down to Gertie the Bulldog, which allows Amy to take out each and every pup Eggman has.
  • Flipping the Table: When Amy teaches Eggman how to play the Fuzzy Puppies board game, he flips the board off the table every time he loses to her. At the end of the montage, he finally beats her in a game... and he still flips the board. Turns out he just really likes flipping the board.
    Eggman: "Victory flip!"
  • Friend or Idol Decision: Amy forces Eggman into one of these in the end: Either he returns the Fancy Poodle he stole, or they're no longer "Fuzzy Puppy Buddies." Eggman chooses "Friend" and returns Fancy Poodle.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: This line from Eggman:
    Eggman: (arriving at the Fuzzy Puppy meetup) "Hey guys! Sorry I'm late, I was polishing my schnauzer..."
  • Go-Karting with Bowser: When Amy and Eggman realize they share a love of the Fuzzy Puppies tabletop game, they begin playing it together, with Amy teaching Eggman how to play; even after he's become a top player and the rest of Team Sonic discovers their secret, the two continue the trend. Of course, they still consider each other enemies otherwise, so this is strictly during "after-business hours".
  • Hypocritical Humor: This exchange occurs between Dr. Eggman and Lady Walrus when he attempts to trade for Stratford's Fancy Poodle piece;
    Dr. Eggman: "How about this? I'll throw in my Obliterator Bot; kids love enormous, destructive robots!"
    Lady Walrus: (walks up to Eggman) "My son can't have a giant, destructive killing machine! You know nothing about children's safety!"
    (almost as if on cue, she notices Chumley swinging on a sign dangerously above the ground)
    Lady Walrus: "My baby!" (runs off)
  • I Have to Go Iron My Dog: When Amy and Eggman agree to meet up at the lair, Sonic asks Amy if she wants to go to the beach. Amy replies with this;
    Amy: "Uh, no— I gotta... water my cat. Yeah, I'm gonna go with that. See ya!" (dashes off)
  • Joke Character: Gertie the Bulldog, whose mud-tracking ability instantly gets her removed from the game. Amy even states that she's the worst character in the game. That said, she can be useful with the right accessory; see Lethal Joke Character below.
  • Lethal Joke Character: Gertie the Bulldog becomes this when she's wearing the Cuteness Hat. Normally, Gertie is instantly removed from the game for leaving mud tracks around the house, but when the hat is equipped, she becomes too cute to blame for the mess, and so another dog must be blamed instead. Amy uses this technique on the Fancy Poodle Eggman stole from Stratford, which leads to her victory.
  • Multiple Demographic Appeal: The Fuzzy Puppies board game appeals to Amy, Zooey, Eggman, Fastidious Beaver, and Dave.
  • Shout-Out: This episode contains references to two well known internet memes. First Dave the Intern says "don't taze me bro!" when being escorted from PuppyCon by a police officer, then only seconds later Knuckles says "I guess his PuppyCon experience was (beat) "ruff" while putting on sunglasses during the beat, referencing the famous one liners said before the opening credits in CSI: Miami.
  • Surprise Difficulty: In-Universe, Fuzzy Puppies is implied to be a lot more sophisticated and difficult to learn than the name and theme suggest. The playing pieces are adorable puppy figures that each have their own unique ability, they can be equipped with cute hats that also bestow different abilities, you need to have a balance of enforcers, decoys, and support puppies on your team to play it well, the playing board is a hex-grid, and a 20-sided die is involved.

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