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Recap / Skip Beat Volume 17

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Can these two get on the same footing when it comes to their relationship?

Dark Moon is getting excellent ratings, and Kyoko is getting tons of offers for more acting jobs! But all the offers are for twisted, damaged characters like Mio. Kyoko doesn't want to get stuck as a character actor, and she certainly doesn't want to play bullies for the rest of her career. But if she refuses all these jobs, will she even have a career left when Dark Moon wraps?

Meanwhile, Ren is getting ready for the end of Dark Moon by auditioning for something that's outside his wheelhouse: the role of supernatural serial killer BJ, or "Black Jack." He's using all the skills he perfected acting as Katsuki, but the part comes with an unusual stipulation: the movie producers don't want to reveal the name of the actor playing the part of BJ.

Finally: Kuu Hizuri, the actor who originated the role of Katsuki in Tsukigomori, is returning to Japan on a press tour. Kyoko gets a Love-Me Section assignment that means she'll be taking care of him for the duration of his stay. But just what sort of man is Kuu Hizuri?


This volume contains the chapters:

  • Act 97. "Suddenly, a Love Story- Ending, Part 4" note 
  • Act 98. "Suddenly, a Love Story- Ending, Part 5" note 
  • Act 99 "Suddenly, a Love Story- The End" note 
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  • Act 100. "Off to a Good Start!" note 
  • Act 101. "Encounter!! A Dynamite Star" note 
  • Act 102. "Fireballs Between the ☆ T-w-o" note 

Chapters in this volume provide examples of:

  • Chastity Dagger: Kyoko has managed to hide a hammer and an alarm clock under the skirt of her Mio costume in case Reino corners her again.
  • Flower in Her Hair: Kyoko has a wreath of red roses woven into her bun on the cover.
  • Flower Motifs: It's a shoujo managa after all:
    • In the cover illustration, Ren is wearing a single white calla lily on his lapel - the same flower Kyoko is holding on the cover of volume 16. Calla lilies are associated with youth and rebirth, and white calla lilies in particular represent holiness, faith and purity. Kyoko has a wreath of red roses woven into her bun, while pink and purple roses adorn her dress. Red roses, of course, represent passionate love. Pink roses are associated with elegance, gratitude, and admiration. Purple roses are associated with creativity, openness, enchantment, and love at first sight.
    • Most chapters have a few instances of panel backgrounds filling with unexplained flowers.
  • I Am Not Spock: Kyoko was excited to score the role of Natsu, but the director requests that she play Natsu "just like Mio." On top of that, she gets another three job offers for characters who are all bullies. Kyoko is worried that if she accepts the roles she'll be Type Cast as an actress who can only play cruel characters; but if she turns them down, she might never get the chance to advance her carreer.
  • Not Named in Opening Credits: Director Konoe wants to keep an air of mystery around the character of "Killer BJ" note , so he proposes keeping the name of the actor a secret. Ren accepts, more than happy to take on the challenge of trying to create a character so different from his regular acting jobs that he won't be recognized in the role.
  • Psychic Powers: Reino seems to have all sorts of vaguely psychic abilities. In addition to the the power to interact with spirits and a limited form of Psychic Radar he displayed in the last volume, he also seems to have:
    • Psychometry: Reino's psychic powers allow him to discern that Kyoko's "Corn" stone was a gift to her. He also tells her that the person who gave her the stone had imbued it with an immense quantity of "negative emotions" and "violent energy."
    • Touch Telepathy: Reino is able to determine a lot about Ren's past from a few seconds of contact - including the fact that he is the previous owner of Kyoko's "Corn" stone, and the one responsible for the massive amount of "violent" and "negative" energy that the stone has absorbed.
  • Security Blanket: Kyoko's "Corn" stone, a gift from her mysterious childhood friend Corn. She even likens it to a "holy amulet," and believes it will have the power to exorcise a "demon" like Reino.
  • Show Within a Show: Dark Moon, Box R, and Tragic Marker are all type 1 examples, with "characters involved in the production of the show."


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